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Mattwall1 November 1st, 2014 11:31pm

Did you attend, are you attending, or are you committed to attend an Ivy League University or a Public Ivy University?

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skinner Jersey City
11/02/14 1:50 pm

No, I'm not applying to any of those schools. However, I am applying to some little ivies.

caraglv Las Vegas
11/02/14 12:42 pm

Stanford. I decided when I was 12 I wanted to go to the best school with the best weather. Hence, Stanford. Good thing I got in!

sojourner present
11/02/14 6:04 am

I didn't, but son is currently attending one! Couldn't be more proud of him!

chrismisen atlanta
11/02/14 1:27 am

never heard of public ivies before. but yea my school is on the list

JDoe Its a gift
11/01/14 10:16 pm

Colorado State University, also known as the Harvard of the Rocky Mountains

drunk ill be Bach
11/01/14 11:43 pm

Nobody calls it that.

JDoe Its a gift
11/02/14 6:53 am

Lighten up, Francis. It was a joke.

MrTony Colorado
11/01/14 9:44 pm

Ivy league. Geez, that's those weenies on the east coast! Who'd want to go to school there.

chickencookie Jihad Joe
11/01/14 9:55 pm

I didn't know that. Wow!

genuflect University of Minnesota
11/01/14 9:12 pm

Apparently I go to a Public Ivy. That's cool.

catpillow Florida West Coast
11/01/14 8:20 pm

Gee, I had to look it up. One of the many colleges I attended was on the list -- the University of Florida in Gainesville. However I only was there a brief time to take an accelerated organic chemistry course.

elbrutus23 Chicago, IL
11/01/14 8:02 pm

Is the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) considered a Public Ivy?

elbrutus23 Chicago, IL
11/01/14 8:25 pm

We definitely have the top Engineering school in the country, plus lots of other really good programs.

11/02/14 4:17 pm

IBakes-and guess who isn't on the list???

susanr Colorado
11/01/14 6:40 pm

Total of 5 colleges or universities; none fit either of those categories.

susanr Colorado
11/02/14 5:02 pm

Yep. Dropped out of the 1st one (Northwestern); went to the next two just for "fun" (Federal City College (now the University of the District of Columbia) & Grand Rapids Junior College), & graduated from the final 2 (Aquinas College & WVU).

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/01/14 6:10 pm

I went to the University of Puget Sound for a year. Some considered it a pseudo Ivy League school back then, but it obviously isn't one of the eight Ivy League schools.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/01/14 6:32 pm

Ivyesque? Ivy League of the West? An expensive liberal arts school with a good reputation.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/01/14 6:57 pm

I don't know what a public Ivy is, I've never heard of that before. The University of Puget Sound is a moderately expensive private university, not one of our state schools. It's one of these:

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/01/14 9:14 pm

Some schools I like on that list, but other than academically, I don't think many of them, if any, probably offers an "Ivy League" experience overall.

zuko on deck
11/01/14 5:03 pm

My son attends the "U" and my daughter is at IU Bloomington. I attended a small school for undergrad (UIndy, formerly Indiana Central University).

11/01/14 5:05 pm

The U as in Miami or...?

TigerShark47 Missouri
11/01/14 4:52 pm

No! I chose the smaller school with the great science program so that I don't rack up a bunch of students loans just on my undergrad years. But, congrats if you are; that's quite the accomplishment.

11/01/14 6:43 pm

Yeah, I actually just found out it was a Public Ivy... I'm kind of intimidated now

TigerShark47 Missouri
11/01/14 6:46 pm

Don't be too intimidated. I was so scared before starting college, but it's really been great so far!

Cole12 ...
11/01/14 4:38 pm

Yes. PSU - University Park.

11/01/14 4:39 pm

Congrats man! What major?

Cole12 ...
11/01/14 4:42 pm

Thanks! I just found out last week, and I can't wait. I'm going for accounting.

Cole12 ...
11/01/14 4:43 pm

Your going to University of Iowa, right?

11/01/14 5:06 pm

Yeah, though next year. Public ivies ftw?

Cole12 ...
11/01/14 5:09 pm

Alright cool.

And yes, Public Ivies FTW! They have great academics, huge campuses (so there's always something interesting going on), and they're way cheaper than the actual Ivies. So they're really the best of both worlds.

kermie gaytopia
11/01/14 5:14 pm

Hunh. I've never heard the term "public ivy" before. In any case my university was neither lol.

11/01/14 5:18 pm

What university did you go to if I may ask?

kermie gaytopia
11/01/14 5:24 pm

A smallish Christian college in Indiana. I try not to get too specific with details around here.

11/01/14 5:38 pm

Fully understood