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Rotavele November 1st, 2014 5:21pm

Mitch McConnell began sending out letters to Kentucky residents with the envelope saying "ELECTION VIOLATION NOTICE" and claiming his opponent was spreading false information and then asked for their vote. She is sueing him for it. Should she?

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11/04/14 10:21 pm

Rita!!! It's Tuesday...turns out you where wrong about the midterms! Turns out "we the people" are tired of this President and his liberal drone senate leader Harry Reid and his minions.

11/02/14 9:28 pm

Sure. So many idiots will be confused and befuddled into misconstruing the meaning and intent of the mailing that it's even less fair than spreading false info

Diogenes FreeMeBe
11/02/14 3:52 am

A lawsuit at this point is grandstanding and equal to the impropriety by McConnell. It's called campaigning.

jsmooseman You started it.
11/01/14 8:48 pm

If he was right and she did spread faulse info then she has no grounds

lip massholevania
11/01/14 8:13 pm

Having the dnc sending letters implying future retaliation is worse. Nice try.

Rotavele Alabama
11/02/14 2:08 am

Yes because that totally happened happened.

ScrewU Gone
11/01/14 6:42 pm

Not nearly as bad as the letters going out from the Democrat party telling voters that whether they vote is a matter if public record and if they don't the party will come after them to find out why.

Injectable Trump Killed Babbitt
11/01/14 6:15 pm

She should, but what's the point. Everyone has realized that if you get far enough in the election you can say what you want without consequence. The law suit comes long after the votes are tallied.

tlcb Bluegrass State of mind
11/01/14 5:44 pm

Hmm I haven't received that letter...yet. I've seen mud slinging before but the level of mud slinging in ky is unreal! Not just lungren & McConnell. Sheesh. Doesn't sway my vote either so enough already.

suppressedID suck it Kyle
11/01/14 11:57 am

You expected different from Tippy Turtle?

arielb SoCal, so Cal
11/01/14 3:06 pm

Turtle. He looks like one. Love the nickname!

rons Thanks America
11/01/14 11:06 am

Yes she should. Let a judge decide if he committed a crime and then throw his ass in jail. Let's see what happens this weekend!

ScrewU Gone
11/01/14 6:40 pm

What law could he possibly have broken?

Rotavele Alabama
11/02/14 2:09 am

Spreading false information, something half the GOP is guilty of.

Jeninerd Hoth, AK
11/01/14 11:03 am

Wow, Republicans. if the names were switched you would be throwing a fit.

mc88 Cleveland OSU
11/01/14 5:26 pm

I didn't recognize any of the names and I thought it was BS that she is suing

knetzere Illinois
11/01/14 10:41 am

Looks like regular old junk mail to me. I don't think she has much of a case. We're I the judge both would be removed from the ballot because if this is how they intend to operate then clearly they aren't representing the wishes of the people

11/01/14 10:28 am

Talk about negative campaigning. That takes the cake. I think she should sue and see where it goes.

Rotavele Alabama
11/01/14 10:24 am

I don't know who's in the right here, but that envelope it's sent in would look official to an older person.

To someone who uses the Internet it looks like those pop up ads: "Shocking low car insurance rates in: BOYD COUNTY! Click for quote!"

Rotavele Alabama
11/01/14 10:24 am

I'd feel kind of freaked out if I received it.

rons Thanks America
11/01/14 11:09 am

Can you vote yet? For some reason I thought you were 17.

arielb SoCal, so Cal
11/01/14 3:04 pm

Nah, we older people recognize a sales pitch even if we see it on envelopes!

susanr Colorado
11/01/14 6:50 pm

{cough} *Some* older people, maybe, please. We're not all doddering idiots with only two brain cells left.

Even so, I think the appearance of that envelope is disgusting.

Rotavele Alabama
11/02/14 2:11 am

No SusanR, I was referring to people like the old southerners here who don't use computers and such. My grandma is a big right winger who opens those thinking she's in trouble lol.

Rotavele Alabama
11/02/14 2:11 am

And no rons, I'm 20. You're thinking of Political from GA.

rons Thanks America
11/02/14 6:05 am

Ok, I thought there was something where in 2004 you were only 7! Maybe it was 9!
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