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VirtualCongress November 1st, 2014 12:03pm

President USA1st nominates WVAmerican (R.-W.V.) to the position of Secretary of the Treasury. Vote Yea to confirm the nominee and Nay to reject him.

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fernando1999 Texas
11/05/14 7:29 pm

Is this legislation a good idea?
V.C General Speech Act

Section 1. The V.C will adopt the concept of General Speeches that are made in the U.S Senate.
Section 2. The Speaker shall at his/her discretion post a poll where members will have the

fernando1999 Texas
11/05/14 7:31 pm

opportunity to post speeches about legislation, the state of the Country, etc.
Section 3. The two choices to select will be Speaking, then Not Speaking
Section 4. The Speaker may at anytime Close the poll.

11/05/14 9:19 pm

I definitely like the idea!

11/05/14 9:19 pm

We could set specific dates for the polls as well so people could prepare ahead of time?

fernando1999 Texas
11/05/14 9:24 pm

Sure. I guess I will submit this in the morning.

fernando1999 Texas
11/03/14 7:32 pm

What is a law that we should consider?

11/03/14 8:02 pm

In general? A random law?

fernando1999 Texas
11/03/14 8:04 pm

I meant what is a good law that we should pass. We have had very little if anything to discuss these last few weeks in the V.C.

11/03/14 8:07 pm

Yes, I am currently working on several ideas as are other members of the Cabinet. What would you think of creating a bill to stop production of the penny? The US losses millions each year to produce the penny. Just an idea.

11/03/14 8:13 pm

The only difficult part of the bill would be to figure out how to come up with a solution for pricing (Rounding up/rounding down) after the bill is passed.

fernando1999 Texas
11/03/14 8:17 pm

I have been thinking about submitting that has been proposed in congress called the REINS act.

11/03/14 8:20 pm

Well as long as you simplify it, there are no rules prohibiting you from submitting it. :)

VirtualCongress Speaker NDAmerican
11/02/14 6:19 am

The Yeas are 35 and the Nays are 12. The nominee is confirmed.

FLAmerican Pensacola
11/01/14 8:03 am

I'm here if anyone wants to ask questions.

FATSHADOW Cyborg Gorilla
11/01/14 10:28 am

boxers or briefs??

11/01/14 4:03 pm

Getting down to the tough questions, eh?

FLAmerican Pensacola
11/01/14 9:19 pm

Boxers: and definitely werewolves! They're way cooler!

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
11/01/14 5:56 am

An enthusiastic Yea!