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joker145 November 1st, 2014 10:57am

SOHAH: Do others consider you. your SO or your last girlfriend to have "Big Boobs"?

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Zimmeress Make Me Laugh
11/02/14 1:05 am

I do now. I gained some weight and a ton of it went there. I don't like them, they're in the way.

missmorganmarie ...
11/01/14 3:06 pm

I wish mine were just a little bigger. I'd like to have cleavage

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
11/01/14 2:22 pm

I'm a 40D. Some might consider that big while others might not.

11/02/14 2:43 am

Those are big

blossoming new beginnings
11/01/14 2:02 pm

My last girlfriend didn't have big boobs :)

Handstand .
11/01/14 9:55 am

I LOVE boobies!! Big boobs, little boobs, all boobs are gifts from heaven!!

chinito Florida
11/01/14 11:35 am


typetype level 2 pretty
11/01/14 9:39 am

In the words of grandmother to my brother years ago, "mi hijo, my chi chis and shrinking." I've got 34Bs 32Cs. Used to be 34 Ds when I was fat

ShereKhan A very dark place.
11/01/14 9:50 am

You don't know how big your girlfriends boobs were?

Kimbobee the middle of nowhere
11/01/14 10:48 am

As she doesn't exist, no :-P

chinito Florida
11/01/14 11:34 am

Cool. I didn't know that.

146787456777 .......
11/01/14 5:47 am

It depends on what you consider "big" Is bigger than average big? is anything above a certain cup size big? idk!

146787456777 .......
11/01/14 9:19 am

never! :P must make things more complicated than they are!

11/01/14 3:50 pm

I said yes for you!

146787456777 .......
11/03/14 6:39 am

oh. I see :P well thanks I guess?? lol

ShereKhan A very dark place.
11/01/14 4:13 am

I'm more of an ass man