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Rotavele November 1st, 2014 7:42am

Would you support removing some things from history books that cause negative feelings towards the past? As in: The civil rights movement, The civil war, and other things that make us less patriotic?

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11/02/14 9:34 pm

Heck no. If anything, add the other parts, like how we caused Laos to be the most bombed country in history. Or how we bombed Hiroshima & Nagasaki to remove resistance against our gaining access to SE Asia

burtoniscool Minnesota
11/02/14 12:36 am

They don't like some of America's history so they can just take out whatever they want? Sounds North Korea ish. Deceiving the people of NK so they can't know what's happened and is happening in the world. Sounds just dandy.

PrinceOberyn Here I am Here I Remain
11/01/14 9:07 am

Never! History is supposed to be a series of stories that we must know, discuss, and acknowledge. It must be seen as a series of mistakes to never again be made.

chinito Florida
11/01/14 7:39 am

The 44th president of the US.

11/01/14 8:58 am

You could erase his name, but his scar will always be felt.

chinito Florida
11/01/14 11:33 am

I would never erase it. We have to learn from our mistakes.

11/01/14 11:57 am

Yes, I agree wholeheartedly.

skinner Jersey City
11/01/14 4:56 am

No, although I think our struggle to achieve civil rights is something to be proud of.

11/01/14 6:58 am

We are talking in Texas....

skinner Jersey City
11/01/14 7:03 am

Yes, I'm aware. I think there attempt is misguided. If you really want to make history books more patriotic don't whitewash history, but show the good and the bad. Even on reprehensible actions like the internment of Japanese-Americans, historians

skinner Jersey City
11/01/14 7:05 am

can counter by pointing out the Japanese internment of hundreds of thousands of people from the Anglosphere in much more destitute conditions.

Rotavele Alabama
11/01/14 10:11 am

I forgot! They took the Japanese Internment camps out as well as the Japanese spy girl we caught and... Well you know the story.

Pirate Uses the Tap
11/01/14 3:08 am

No, I would add true history that was removed by politics and government.

11/01/14 7:04 am


Rotavele Alabama
11/01/14 1:35 am

Amongst things removed: Slavery (replaced by "property laws" in reference to civil war), Jim Crow Laws, The Ku Klux Klan, Black Codes, George Wallace's White Supremacy.

Things implanted: Moses of The Bible was responsible for Us documents,

Rotavele Alabama
11/01/14 1:37 am

U.S.*, Separation of Church and state is claimed to be unconstitutional, George Bush has been set to be glorified, Islam is noted as cause of terrorism.

It's sad, but none of this can be removed as its passed and already being wrote into books.

11/02/14 9:30 pm

Seriously? Where is this happening?

KudosToYou California
11/01/14 12:50 am

It's almost hilariously ironic that the right tries to accuse the left of indoctrination.

Rotavele Alabama
11/01/14 1:04 am

Watch the Jon Stewart Clip (Google Jon Stewart Texas Textbooks) my copy and paste is messed up.

He was making jokes but one of the board members said that Mr. Romero wasn't famous enough and needs to be removed :/ the amendment passed.

Rotavele Alabama
11/01/14 1:05 am

Here's the link. It's really sad. Everyone of the boards members are vocal conservatives and "Christian fundamentalists" they removed a lot.

Rotavele Alabama
11/01/14 12:51 am

RoF is allegedly independent but for conservatives if you feel you'd rather read a conservative source, here's BBs version: