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11/02/14 11:09 am

Won't be taking mine out anytime soon. Love the look.

typetype level 2 pretty
11/01/14 9:41 am

Hate em. They automatically look lesbianish to me. Not that there's anything wrong with that it just looks too "alternative" to be attractive IMO.

stickman46 NJ
11/01/14 9:01 am

Love your status location and are you asking for a reason?

dfish at home
11/02/14 2:05 am

You gotta go with both. One looks dumb

ShereKhan A very dark place.
11/01/14 2:53 am

Another thing to play with

chrismisen atlanta
10/31/14 11:52 pm

doesn't really move the needle either way for me.

j0p Pittsburgh
10/31/14 10:46 pm

Personally as a guy I like them and see them as just additional foreplay options.

I will say that for female's with inverted nipple the piercing will allow for a more natural albeit jewelery look

So I vote AYE