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ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
11/01/14 5:12 pm

Broncos are looking good right now. (I'm trying to forget about that abortion of a game two weeks ago) if Peyton can blow off the cold weather, he can beat the Bradys.

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
11/01/14 5:13 pm

Peyton &the team. Sorry, I'm not an announcer

shnibbydawhale Nihilist
11/01/14 9:06 am

Peyton Manning sucks in cold weather games, and my boy Brady and the Patriots are back on track. Brady is 10-5 vs Manning in his career. I'm going with the Pats 31-24.

NDAmerican Florida
11/01/14 8:06 am

Manning can't play in the cold nor in big games, while Brady is great in the cold. So Pats! #PatsNation

timeout Boston Strong
11/01/14 6:43 am

The Broncos are the best in the league right now, no denying that and it seems all the so called experts are picking them to win. But Brady and Bill Belichick live for these types of games and will rise to the occasion. Pats will win.


cowboy Doors of Perception
11/01/14 4:49 am

Manning's stem cells has made him a super man. Broncos.

cowboy Doors of Perception
11/01/14 5:07 am

Tom Brady isn't going to have his way with Manning, like he did with the Bears.

MFDOOM natural selection
11/01/14 5:09 am

If Broncos win I will cry.

cowboy Doors of Perception
11/01/14 5:11 am

Better stock up on tissues you woman.

KellenK Colorado
11/01/14 2:11 am

Broncos Defense is much improved from last year, the Broncos passing attack is as good as last year and the running is better. Even if it's cold and rainy, the broncos run game/run D is better than the Patriots.

gonzoboy Arizona
11/01/14 12:13 am

I'm pickin' this one based more on who I think has the better D. This year, I think that's Denver. Broncos here...