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Have you ever been in a serious car accident?

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11/04/14 10:04 pm

I died in a car accident a couple years ago

11/04/14 7:06 pm

well close to serious, but he wasnt driving fast enough to flip they car

11/02/14 7:35 pm

Old people drunk on happy hour toned me.... Only 4 discs shattered but two fixed and I'm thankful

11/02/14 7:36 pm

T boned... Autocorrect

alynn Somewhere wonderful
11/01/14 10:09 pm

70+ mph with no chance to hit my brakes. I walked away with nothing but a chemical burn from the airbag. My Accord performed amazingly in that crash.

11/01/14 6:42 pm

I've been rear ended. Thankfully nothing serious.

11/01/14 6:04 pm

Flipped over 3X in a compact car. Very grateful to be alive.

ladyniner81 I need chocolate
11/01/14 4:38 pm

A few fender benders. Totaled my mom's car, but it wasn't my fault. guy cut me off when I was turning.

HappyLez No Worries... Be Happy
11/01/14 4:29 pm

My car went off a Cliff in Switzerland... Not pretty.... But I am still here to talk about it.... :)

alynn Somewhere wonderful
11/02/14 12:29 pm

Wow. Scary. Glad you made it!

TheLastAmerican fairfax
11/01/14 3:50 pm

Female Asian drivers smh

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
11/01/14 10:43 am

I am so grateful that they invented crumple zones.

onendone On a Beach
11/01/14 9:39 am

Been in prob 6 or 7. Fortunately none serious.

Idahologger up north
11/01/14 8:55 am

a not so smart lady pulled directly out in front of me and I t-boned her in my logging truck. they had to use the jaws of life to get her out. thankfully she was ok

lmurder MDK
11/01/14 7:56 am

Single car wreck off cliff in high school and IED in Afghanistan.

alynn Somewhere wonderful
11/02/14 12:31 pm

I'm glad you made it back home safely.

HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
11/01/14 7:25 am

A flippant teenager hit a comedian. Serious?

11/01/14 6:32 am

Flipped my car after hitting ice at 40 MPH. Fractured two vertebrae. That was 35 years ago. No accidents since.

11/01/14 5:18 am

When I was 17 thought I knew it all. Totaled my car and the other car my best friend was driving when we were doing 60 on gravel both in hospital for nearly a week. My fault and I pay for it still with pain in my back.

missblank101 Ithaca, New York
11/01/14 5:14 am

t-boned into a car with 3 guys, we were fine with some bruises but one of them broke their pelvis and had to get air lifted

luna4 Wisconsin
11/01/14 5:02 am

Both accidents left my cars totaled. My neck and shoulders are still messed up to this day from those two accidents.

cowboy Dawns Highway
11/01/14 4:42 am

Semi-Truck accident, yes. Wasn't my fault.

tumblemonkey Florida
11/01/14 3:59 am

A deer tried to join us in the cab of my truck through the engine. Almost made it.

jmw7477 Indiana
11/01/14 3:45 am

I fell asleep driving home one night and flipped my pick up truck on its side.

Shiggybythebay Proud Bay Area Native
11/01/14 3:24 am

Yes, I was hit by a drunk driver when I was 7.

fredd TrumpLand
11/01/14 1:52 am

No, the most serious accident I've been in was merely a clash of side mirrors on a narrow country road. It was an old car and I bought a replacement piece of glass for only a few quid. The other guy wasn't so fortunate.

fredd TrumpLand
11/01/14 1:56 am

Also busted a couple tires in winter. One went to a buried curb invisible under the snow. I knew it was around somewhere but not that far out. A massive buried pothole got both the other tire and alloy.

iMatter2 I Used to Love H.E.R.
11/01/14 1:45 am

Got hit by a drunk driver while crossing the street this past May. I also totaled my first car about 10 years ago.

10/31/14 11:29 pm

I was in a head on collision with a school bus when I was five years old and was in icu for 10 days

bMyComrade Stumptown
10/31/14 11:22 pm

Rolled my truck into a snow filled ditching because of black ice in a mountain pass late one night when I was in college.

fredd TrumpLand
11/01/14 1:58 am

I was fortunate to miss black ice once, only because a car glided ever so slowly off the road well in front of me. It would have been me if I hadn't witnessed it.

asdfghjkl24242 Los Angeles, CA
10/31/14 11:05 pm

Rear ended @ 50 mph. Thankfully nobody was hurt

omagabi Surf City
11/01/14 6:55 am

Similar outcome for me. On the freeway in Santa Barbara. Drunk driver ran and left her Dachshund behind. My car was totaled but thankfully no blood.

fredd TrumpLand
11/01/14 1:59 am

Which doesn't make you immune to the misadventures of other drivers.

MrTony Colorado
10/31/14 9:36 pm

While driving thru the foothills of the Rockies my blood pressure medicine rendered me unconscious with the cruise control set at 65. Witnesses said we did one full flip and three rolls. 3 day coma and we spent a week in the hospital. We're fine now.

MrTony Colorado
10/31/14 9:41 pm

Wife had both arms broken and still has 4 metal plates in her left arm. The air bag broke her nose. I had surgery and a year of physical therapy to regain use of one arm. But, thanks to air bags and seat belts, we're alive.

fredd TrumpLand
11/01/14 2:06 am

Wow that sounds like a big one. Sometimes it's the more spectacular accident that has a better chance of survival as energy is dissipated gradually. It's the dead stop into an immovable object that can be more lethal.

LeDerpityDerp We are not our failures
10/31/14 9:26 pm

Yes and they said I should have died on impact but thank God I'm still alive.

SmileyMoM Lab Rat Vampire
10/31/14 9:25 pm

My son has had a couple of accidents where he was parked at a friends house and someone hits his truck and does major damage. One was a drunk driver and one was a lady who "passed out" while driving.

SmileyMoM Lab Rat Vampire
10/31/14 9:26 pm

I told him that if he was going to be in an accident especially with a drunk driver not being in the vehicle is the best way.

10/31/14 8:55 pm

When I was in high school I hit patch of oil outside construction site on a rainy day, my car spun hit an embankment going backward, flipped and slid down the road on its roof, and I was only going 30 mph. Luckily I only got, a scratch on my wrist.

dudley northern Virginia woods
10/31/14 8:19 pm

A few accidents but nothing very serious in which a real person was hurt beyond scratches and bumps. Totaled a car though. Not so hard these days.

Nos4at2 demented weirdo
10/31/14 8:02 pm

I'm not a skilled driver, so I try to only drive when it is "off" hours.

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
10/31/14 7:56 pm

Sort of. My car was once involved in a serious accident but I wasn't. It got stuck on railroad tracks but I got out before it was destroyed by a train.

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
10/31/14 8:58 pm

Yeah, it was bizarre to say the least. Car totaled and I was without a scratch. I missed a turn late at night and went off the road with the front wheels getting hung up on the tracks. Car was undamaged until the train came by a few minutes later.

EarlyBird Portland
10/31/14 9:01 pm

Wow! That must have been quite a sight to see. How did you get home?

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
10/31/14 10:12 pm

After the train finally stopped, the RR people took my info. The driver of one of the cars that had stopped to check out the crash offered a ride. Strangely, no law enforcement agency showed up at the scene and none ever followed up with me.

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
10/31/14 10:17 pm

The next day a buddy drove me to the scene and the car was still sitting where the train had pushed it. I called a tow truck and had it towed to my house. Over the next few weeks I was able to sell some salvageable parts...then junked it.

EarlyBird Portland
10/31/14 10:47 pm

That's a very cool story.

10/31/14 7:44 pm

Yes head on collision with a telephone pole. My car hydroplaned

10/31/14 7:43 pm

I been in a couple as a kid. Both times not wearing a seatbelt & only one that was not injured. One time this drunk ass t-boned my parents car & we went spinning into a 8 foot ditch filled with water. Other time a trailer came off truck and hit us.

j0p Pittsburgh
10/31/14 7:36 pm

Yes @ 17 bought 1st brand new car after basic training went home on leave b4 1st duty station.
Stupidly at that time visited some girls with a buddy we were buzzed pretty well on smoke and drink racing each other home at 4am in blinding rainstorm

j0p Pittsburgh
10/31/14 7:38 pm

at speeds well over 100mph. I hit a huge puddle and hydroplaned into the other lane, got control as another car was heading straight into me.
Jerked superhard went into a spin knocked out 6 mailboxes on the side of the road then up a hill like the

j0p Pittsburgh
10/31/14 7:41 pm

Dukes of Hazzard through a tree missing the trunk by inches and landed in the living room of a Deacon of at that time my church.
Car was totalled I had a piece of windshield go through my cheek which I had spit out as the only injury

susanr Colorado
10/31/14 7:43 pm

Holy carp. You really *were* lucky!

j0p Pittsburgh
10/31/14 7:53 pm

Seat belt according to State Police saved my life..

10/31/14 9:00 pm

Very lucky! You joined the military at 17? Maybe God thought if you willing to serve your country as young men, you deserved some special protection. And thanks for your service.

j0p Pittsburgh
10/31/14 9:05 pm

Yes joined while in high school on Delayed Entry Program.

Left for Basic in Texas in July after graduating in June.

Remember in Tech School it was legal for 18 year old to be in bars in Mississippi but I was still 17 and underage.

MurrayHitchens The Truth Wins Out
10/31/14 7:34 pm

Wow that's weird. It actually happened on Halloween night some years ago. It was raining and my car hydroplaned on the freeway loop. I hit the barrier and my car flipped over. We came out fine tho. I was dressed as Superman. lol

sd123 San Diego
10/31/14 7:25 pm

An older woman was texting and she rammed into me at I'm assuming full speed from behind. I just woke up in a smashed up car, I didn't know what happened at first- I tried to drive cause I was in the middle of the road lol. Straight to ER.

sd123 San Diego
10/31/14 7:26 pm

I say with confidence that the seatbelt saved my life.... Buckle up everyone it's not always in your control!

GrandmaALiCE Rocky Mtns aerial view
10/31/14 7:30 pm

I get the idea, from your description, that she didn't stop. Did I read that correctly?

sd123 San Diego
10/31/14 11:30 pm

I didn't see her coming but my car was so smashed in from the back you couldn't open the doors (2 door) car was totaled and she said she was texting so I assume she didn't notice the light I was stopped at

GrandmaALiCE Rocky Mtns aerial view
11/01/14 6:57 am

That's awful! I hope you were paid in full for damages and weren't hurt too badly. What happened to the idiotic woman?

sd123 San Diego
11/01/14 12:42 pm

She was at fault so her insurance did cover everything. Honestly idk what happened to her. Thanks though for being concerned

hvp828 Carolina girl
10/31/14 7:18 pm

Knocked unconscious for a while. Not sure how long - woke up in the hospital.

Skyrim nobody
10/31/14 7:16 pm

I was in a 40 car pileup. I was the passenger. It was on the freeway and we came out of a whiteout just to see the freeway completely jammed with smashed up cars and a parked police vehicle towards the middle. Car in front of us dodged straight off

Skyrim nobody
10/31/14 7:19 pm

into the ditch towards the trees and the driver in my vehicle decided it would be best to just hit another car instead. It was glare ice so there was no stopping. After we hit, we got slammed harder from behind. Nobody except the police officer in

Skyrim nobody
10/31/14 7:20 pm

one of the cars we hit were even injured. It was amazing nobody was seriously hurt or died. The officer just got a nice bump on his head. Poor guy.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/31/14 7:00 pm

No, and even the bus accident I was in wasn't that serious. No one even got hurt as well as I can remember.

Congressman Louisiana
10/31/14 7:00 pm

Wasn't serious but was rear ended by a dumb bitch at about 40mph who claims she had just looked away for a second. I had actually seen her coming in my review mirror and low and behold cellphone in hand.

MachoMatt84 Privileged to serve.
10/31/14 6:59 pm

Not sure if this counts: I was riding my bicycle when a car cut in front of me. Rear tire just inches from running my head over. Fractured my elbow and femur.