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skinner October 31st, 2014 10:08pm

After 27 years in power an army spokesman has announced that President Compaore of Burkina Faso has resigned in response to the Burkinabe Uprising. Is this a positive or negative event for Africa?

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skinner Jersey City
10/31/14 3:12 pm

Campaoré initially took power after an "accident" and subsequently won several elections, reversing the communist policies of his predecessor. With strong ties to the US and French governments Camaoré was known as a peacemaker who successfully

skinner Jersey City
10/31/14 3:14 pm

mediated many conflicts in the region. Ironically despite these external peace initiatives the one country he was unable to pacify was his own. In 2011 protests began that would become known as the Burkinabé Uprising in which opposition party's

skinner Jersey City
10/31/14 3:17 pm

violently opposed his party's referendum to eliminate term limits for the presidency. Protestors would storm parliament committing acts of looting and arson that the socialist opposition compared to the Arab Spring.

skinner Jersey City
10/31/14 3:19 pm

The president reacted by dissolving the government and promising to form a coalition with the opposition. Less than 24 hours ago it seemed that Campaoré would stay in power at least until the creation of a new government until the recent announcement

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
11/01/14 2:43 pm

Fyi, this is how you flirt with women. Throw out some of this stuff. If they say anything like "so smart" or "adorable" then you've got one in the bag.

skinner Jersey City
11/01/14 3:04 pm

Lol thanks Beach. I'll stay optimistic and consider that a compliment.