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asmodeus October 31st, 2014 8:31pm

I was involved in a similar discussion this week, and I would like to read your thoughts on it, therefore I ask you: what is god ?

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krayzewolf New Hampshire
10/31/14 5:07 pm

It depends on which god or goddess you're asking about. There are a ton.

DGroot America
10/31/14 4:53 pm

Neither really, but he is known as "the father, son, and Holy Spirit" so I chose male.

asmodeus enjoying the final kalpa
10/31/14 5:29 pm

Technically a gender; turns out a lot of people think of god as a male figure rather than a female figure.

Pirate Uses the Tap
10/31/14 2:14 pm

No sex. Not physical.

asmodeus enjoying the final kalpa
10/31/14 2:12 pm

I have the same opinion.

mugendraco Alabama
10/31/14 2:00 pm

Both, and yet neither.