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FarmerManE October 31st, 2014 5:44pm

Are you for or against the use of Gmo crops? I would like to hear reasons from both sides

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mojorisin Missouri
10/31/14 3:22 pm

You could be correct, but nature took millions of years for plants to develop to where they are now. Species of plants went extinct some have evolved or mutated. How can humans do it better in such a short time? I'm not for or against, yet.

FarmerManE djent
10/31/14 10:45 am

I'll get the ball rolling. 1. If we didn't have engineered crops, we couldn't keep up with demand for food in the world. 2. There has been no proof that gmos are harmful. Could they be! Maybe. But it's quite a stretch how they would harm you.