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escapist xoxo
11/06/14 8:38 pm

I dye my hair lots of colors and have a few tattoos and piercings and I'm kinda a goth.
Most people don't care but some people find those specific things really freaky.

11/04/14 10:58 pm

kind of hard to intimidate people with a baby face :(

bringstheeagle Colorado
11/01/14 6:22 pm

Not intentionally. People who get to know me call me the gentle giant.

erika348 Texas
11/01/14 1:40 pm

Not intentionally & only at work.

11/01/14 9:43 am

I don't blame them. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

lmurder MDK
11/01/14 8:01 am

Not at all until they learn my past and what I've done. Then they're scared.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
11/01/14 7:18 am

Not intentionally. When you're 6'5" and 230, sometimes weak willed people just choose to be intimidated.

11/01/14 1:49 am

When it comes to my level of expertise on a subject then I could appear intimidating, but when it's something not my strong suit then I'm just like everyone else, there to learn

11/01/14 12:50 am

I do it with my silence. Talk to the point and keep it short. I'm 6'2 and very broad. If I were to get upset people know it's serious. But that rarely happens.

Rotavele Alabama
10/31/14 10:50 pm

No. Speak softly and carry a big stick.

Let people think you're dumb and weak so you can prove them wrong.

Sam95 Nebraska
10/31/14 9:45 pm

I've had a couple people tell me I am.

susanr Colorado
10/31/14 9:43 pm

More like the other way around.

Oboette17 Senioritis
10/31/14 8:41 pm

People find some aspects of me intimidating, but not me as a person.

MissN The Experiment
10/31/14 8:33 pm

I've heard that from a few people.

ladyniner81 I need chocolate
10/31/14 8:12 pm

Only in the depths of my imagination. Either I confuse the hell out of people by changing the subject in mid sentence or I offend someone unknowingly.

10/31/14 8:03 pm

I intimidated a few coworkers when I was in sales, but not by being mean, just by being extremely productive. Men especially... When I sold radio advertising. I doubled the previous employee sales record first year.

10/31/14 6:36 pm

I've been told I have a serious case of "resting B!tch face" when I'm in a crowd in not familiar with. Makes people avoid contact with me, which is mostly the way I want it.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
10/31/14 6:32 pm

I have been told that I can be intimidating, but I don't see myself that way.

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
10/31/14 7:32 pm

Same here...

mtbRIDER Gone riding...
10/31/14 9:27 pm

Yep, me too...

mcdkm Houston
10/31/14 5:53 pm

Only my daughter's boyfriends/husbands. I don't try, it just happens.

swjboucher Just Run
10/31/14 3:14 pm

I just asked my wife if she thought I do. She just laughed and said you know you do.

holdingontoyou Pennsylvania
10/31/14 2:32 pm

I'm a skinny, short freshman girl, not exactly :P

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
10/31/14 2:57 pm

That's the most evil type of person on the planet

leilu SoCal
10/31/14 2:27 pm

I've been told I'm intimidating. I had to adapt my leadership skills to be a less intimidating when I managed a store.

roundsquare round square
10/31/14 2:27 pm

Not unless you give me reason. If you do, watch the hell out!

rangeman Lafayette IN.
10/31/14 2:10 pm

If you're a Pack Leader that will sometimes happen.
If you need an explanation read a Caesar Milan book.

10/31/14 4:25 pm


akrealist a log cabin in the woods
10/31/14 2:06 pm

I never thought I was personally intimidating, but realized later that my titles/roles can be intimidating. When I have my game face on, I definitely hold my own.

Also, if you are threatening one of my cubs, I'm bound to turn "it" on.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
10/31/14 1:48 pm

The less you intimidate the less prepared they are for what you have coming

10/31/14 1:33 pm

Not intentionally, but I think some might feel that way because of my personality.

esp Warwick RI
10/31/14 1:17 pm

I try not but it seems to happen

DeathSheep Michigan
10/31/14 12:51 pm

Apparently I intimidate some, until they meet me. But I guess being over 6' can do that.

Zimmeress Make Me Laugh
10/31/14 12:44 pm

Apparently. I was just told that by someone this week. Is that a compliment or an insult?

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
10/31/14 1:49 pm

Zim, there is nothing wrong with being strong as long as you are fair and balanced.

10/31/14 12:17 pm

I could if I wanted to I suppose, but there are better ways to deal sith problems than to flex big muscles and act tough.

fifteenletters ima troll
10/31/14 11:53 am

Not physically, but I naturally have an intimidating glare. If you don't know me, you would probably agree.

dxstap Bloomington, Indiana
10/31/14 11:43 am

I don't intend to.
My managers won't let me teach any of our training classes. They say I scare them. Didn't think I did. I just expect them to come to class prepared.

10/31/14 9:18 pm

Same here. I've been told that "expecting others to perform at the same level as you, like you, without selfishness, is unreasonable." that is written in a review. TFB, They suck! Get out of my way. I got work to do. I'll sell, you stay out of my way

Shiggybythebay Proud Bay Area Native
10/31/14 11:42 am

Not typically. But, when someone is rude or intimidating to me or my family I can be. Not my typical nature though.

10/31/14 11:32 am

The only people I am intimidated by, are girls I think are attractive and people who seem dangerous? I guess haha.

10/31/14 11:30 am

The only reason I can think of why I would is because I'm bigger, and in instances where I've gotten in arguments with my sister. But other than that, I'm just a big teddy bear. Lol

10/31/14 11:25 am

Sometimes I do, though it is probably rare, and more a function of their insecurities than my intention.

blossoming new beginnings
10/31/14 11:11 am

At work I sometimes do but I'm working on it.

Nos4at2 demented weirdo
10/31/14 11:05 am

I don't know how but people tell me I intimidate them on a regular basis

TheDoN Tricities, WA
10/31/14 10:51 am

I wonder how many no's are and don't realize they are and how many yes's aren't and don't realize that they aren't.