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redsox95 October 31st, 2014 12:47am

Are you good at lying? (Answer truthfully)

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Fox semirural
10/31/14 3:13 am

Half-truths and selectively presenting or withholding information substitutes for lies in many circles. It's the common currency of politics...

GubraLagima Tramp 2016
10/31/14 1:07 am

The trick is to make yourself believe the lie before you try to make anybody else believe it.

Penn555 Maine
10/30/14 10:53 pm

With people who don't know me we'll, I'm a pro. With my family? Not a chance! Lol

KudosToYou California
10/30/14 9:49 pm

With the small things. I am not a good improviser in social situations.

Statek Im from the Internet
10/30/14 8:01 pm

I pretty much never lie at all with the only exceptions being if it greatly helps a situation for everyone involved permanently

RVA Uptown, Fan District, RVA
10/30/14 8:01 pm

This made me smile. The words in parenthesis, that is.

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
10/30/14 6:55 pm

Not even a little bit and I'm very, very anti-lying. Being lied to pisses me off more than most anything else someone can do to me.

chickencookie Biden Crime Syndicate
10/30/14 6:40 pm

No. And I forgot the last time I did.

10/30/14 6:41 pm

Same here.

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
10/30/14 6:02 pm

Yes. I mean no.