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fredd October 30th, 2014 11:51pm

Have you ever installed an App update only to find it's now "broken" in some way. Either crashing or running poorly, or some feature is changed or removed to make it worse than before?

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ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
10/30/14 9:03 pm

an Solitaire app I had it updated and it would play these car video before the game played and you couldn't turn it off. If you did, the app crashed. I got bored with it and downloaded another one. I deleted the other one.

presrvd Phoenix
10/30/14 8:22 pm

I just revert back if I don't like it. I actually have two apps that I've decided to never update.

fredd TrumpLand
10/30/14 11:37 pm

On what platform? Not so easy to revert an app on iOS. You need to backup your device beforehand then do a full restore if the update sucks for some reason.

susanr Colorado
10/30/14 7:33 pm

My previously favorite grocery list app did an update that made it just awful. They removed valuable features. They eventually added most of them back, but by then I had moved on to another one & it was too annoying to switch back (because of custom

susanr Colorado
10/30/14 7:35 pm

items I'd added to the 2nd app). I couldn't even find 1st app the last time I looked, so I think they basically killed themselves. Too bad; it was better than the one I use now.

I had used the free version of a simple card game app for *years.* I

susanr Colorado
10/30/14 7:36 pm

play only one game, so it wasn't worth going for the paid version. They recently did an "update" that added *very* obnoxious ads, including a video ad after *every* game. I tried other apps, but eventually gave in & paid for the ad-free version.

fredd TrumpLand
10/30/14 8:58 pm

If the game or app doesn't require Internet access, then turn on plane mode and often the ads and videos can't load.

kermie gaytopia
10/30/14 10:37 pm

Don't forget iVote! :)

susanr Colorado
10/30/14 10:40 pm

fredd - that's such a good tip; I feel stupid for not thinking of it myself. Thanks!

kermie - Oh geez yeah... First it was ruined by neglect; then by truly bad updates (my perspective, anyway).

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/30/14 6:56 pm

I love. LIFE. With the new upgrade it's not working right.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/31/14 8:39 am

It was from life magazine. It has a lot of pictures from the history of the magazine very interesting to look at.

kermie gaytopia
10/31/14 9:59 am

Oh that sounds cool. I used to use the Time magazine app but it stopped working too :/

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/31/14 10:58 am

It stopped working one time then worked again so I think it may work again in the future

10/30/14 5:08 pm

Happens often. The weather channel is an example. They put a lot of features in that made it impossible to run, I uninstalled it.

fredd TrumpLand
10/30/14 4:53 pm

This happens too often IMHO. Nowadays unless there is some great new feature offered, I don't bother. Especially when the version description simply says "Bug fixes", all too often that's just covering a change for the worse.

fredd TrumpLand
10/30/14 4:56 pm

Successful game level now pays half compared to before to encourage in-app upgrades.
New banner ads! Woohoo!
Previously free feature becomes upgrade-only.
And my fav, now you MUST use a Facebook login only! Get stuffed!

Maj Worth Economist
10/30/14 5:03 pm

Actually, I think it serves another purpose. People who want to buy/download an app want to know that it's supported. If you have a program with a "last updated" of a year ago, you're less likely to think the company is paying attention.

Maj Worth Economist
10/30/14 5:04 pm

But yeah, I've had some games like that. Ugh, Playdom! I'm glad you failed!

fredd TrumpLand
10/30/14 5:21 pm

I'd love a rollback feature. I know there are good reasons against it but I'd still rather have more control. Backing up and restoring when an update goes wrong is tedious at best.

susanr Colorado
10/30/14 7:38 pm

I basically hate Facebook logins, although I'll do it for an app I love & already trust not to post anything on FB or annoy my "friends" there - like Fitbit; they have earned my trust. Another app switched to FB login recently, & users raised such a

susanr Colorado
10/30/14 7:40 pm

bug stink that the developer wrote heart-rending messages about how it was just too time-consuming to do it without connecting to *something* like FB because she's doing it all alone... That gave me a little better perspective & made me a tiny bit

susanr Colorado
10/30/14 7:40 pm

sympathetic. But I still don't like that trend. Wish there was a better, simpler way.