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NDAmerican October 30th, 2014 1:41am

As a former Floridian I must ask, who do you believe will win the election this Tuesday? Governor Rick Scott or Charlie Crist?

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spicysteve M14D SBS
10/30/14 4:27 pm

Charlie Crist has the momentum here. More importantly- he has the support of independents. The one concern here though is the astronomically large number of undecideds. I'd bet that they're more likely to go Democratic, but who knows?

NDAmerican Florida
10/31/14 4:45 pm

I wish Scott would win, he's not that bad and Charlie was.

chinito Florida
10/29/14 10:52 pm

I hope Rick Scott. I like him and I really hate Charlie.

FalloutBoy97 Ohio
10/29/14 8:09 pm

I think Crist has the advantage.

political Georgia
10/29/14 8:49 pm

I don't like either one to be honest.

political Georgia
10/31/14 4:57 pm

He's an idiot. Fangate expanding Obamacare to name a couple.

NDAmerican Florida
11/01/14 9:31 pm

When he entered office the unemployment rate was over 11.3% it's now down to 6.1%. They currently have the second highest ranking education policy ranking and 12th on total performance for a large state. Balanced the budget, payed back $3.6 billion

NDAmerican Florida
11/01/14 9:33 pm

Out of the $5.2 billion in debt created by the recession, and cut taxes 24 times. And violent crime rates reduced every year he has been governor. Under Crist, it grew.

TheCameron UCF
10/29/14 6:43 pm

It'll be close but the libertarian candidate will take some valuable votes away from Scott and I think that'll swing the election.

TheCameron UCF
10/29/14 6:45 pm

I also think amendment 2 (medical marijuana) will bring young people to the polls and help Crist.