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Praetorianus October 30th, 2014 1:21am

Using a sentence that starts with "If God had wanted us to..." in order to show opposition to a certain custom or technology is usually a valid argument.

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DoctorWasdarb Marxist Leninist Maoist
10/30/14 11:45 am

I would only consider it valid or acceptable if I were in a context where people believe in God, like at home or among my Christian friends. I still generally wouldn't say it.

10/30/14 11:02 am

I don't consider it valid at all. In fact, I discount it immediately.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
10/30/14 3:09 am

If God hsd wamted mr to abswer this question, He'd havr mafe it easier ti type.

10/29/14 9:56 pm

No, but that doesn't mean it's not an effective one in certain crowds.

Spartacus AUSTIN
10/29/14 6:56 pm

It's never a valid argument.

eLucidate writing
10/29/14 6:30 pm

A naturalist argument with a religious twist? Doesn't sound valid to me.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
10/29/14 6:24 pm

I think it's balderdash.Has been used against aviation - If God had wanted us to fly, he'd given us wings. Well, or how about the brain to build airplanes? My favorite retort: If God would want us to be nude, we'd have been born that way. Waitasec ;)

DGroot America
10/29/14 6:31 pm

Yeah, as soon as I read this I thought of the "If God had wanted us to fly.." Good argument.

sojourner present
10/29/14 6:42 pm

My least favorite is the one where someone refuses medical treatment. "If God wants me to be well, he'll heal me." Or, he'll give us brains to figure out things like antibiotics and surgery.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
10/29/14 8:04 pm

A man is caught in a storm surge on his rooftop. He prays God help him. A boat passes by and tries to pick him up, but he says no, God will help him. Same with a second boat. Then a helicopter appears but he still declines and then finally drowns...

Praetorianus Fair enough.
10/29/14 8:06 pm

When he appears in heaven, he asks God why He didn't help him even though he was a faithful believer. God replies: I sent two boats and a helicopter, what more did you expect?