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Squidboy October 29th, 2014 7:27pm

Officials in Westminster, MA want to make it illegal to sell all tobacco products to anyone, including adults. Would you want this rule in your hometown?

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saliemster California
10/31/14 10:46 pm

Everyone should be free to choose, I hate the health nanny state with people like Michelle Obama.

PresWK Minnesota
10/31/14 9:25 pm

Why don't they ask law enforcement from the 20s and 30s how prohibition worked for them.

10/31/14 12:52 pm

Freedom hurts, doesn't it?

FarmerManE djent
10/31/14 4:36 am

I'm all for choice, but I can't stand having to breath in smoke from other people smoking. My fiancé is worse, she's allergic to it and gets head aches

catpillow Florida West Coast
10/31/14 12:12 am

God no. Prohibition never works. It just makes criminals out of people and raises prices.

jamichl Seattle
10/30/14 9:21 pm

No more nanny state. Let people be stupid.

10/30/14 8:47 am

No I wouldn't alcohol causes more deaths

bison Messiah of Ron Paul
10/30/14 7:39 am

There's enough programs to show that smoking is unhealthy, that it's impossible to not get the message. If you don't like smoking, don't smoke.

10/30/14 7:16 am

Didn't we try prohibition once? Adults will, and should, make their own decisions...and then not whine and expect someone to bail them out if they chose wrongly

Counterpoint Deep in the heart of TX
10/30/14 6:30 am

I'm against making it illegal, but I hate running through a cloud of smoke when I'm exercising. I can't breathe

AbandonedAccnt Not here.
10/30/14 6:01 am

I'm sure it'll end the use of tobacco in that town. Not.

kris55 Alabama
10/30/14 1:55 am

what a great idea. just give the sorrounding counties tons of extra business...

10/29/14 8:50 pm

Im okay with people ruining themselves long as they don't destroy others because of their choices. Plenty of people get cancer just from being around those who smoke.

susanr Colorado
10/29/14 8:39 pm

I'd be much happier if tobacco would just disappear, but I that's not the way to achieve that.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/29/14 8:20 pm

We already tried it, almost a century ago. It was called "Prohibition", and it was as miserable a failure as was the more recent attempt, the "War on drugs". This nonsense would fail as well.

mikeey1962 on SOH where else
10/29/14 2:56 pm

Heck yes, try walking outside, with any breathing problem, all you get is smoke, unless they have one of those smoke sheds,

suppressedID Happy Year of Tiger
10/29/14 2:37 pm

Do I want it, yes.
Is it legal, no.

Arkansas123 Neoconservative
10/29/14 3:58 pm

I'm the opposite.

Of course it's legal to regulate and ban commercial goods for moral reasons, but the city should not do so.

aj1545 Cat Lady
10/29/14 2:36 pm

No. And that's a waste of resources to prosecute people.

jvc1133 61535
10/29/14 2:02 pm

No, but, don't rise any tobacco products

10/29/14 1:23 pm

No they keep some people employed in the tobacco business and pay a lot of taxes. As long as they don't smoke near me I'm happy.

Injectable Trump Killed Babbitt
10/29/14 1:06 pm

If "YOU'RE GOING TO DIE" isn't enough to deter people what's this going to do besides hurt business.

sojourner present
10/29/14 1:00 pm

I wouldn't support it but it's hard for me to say no because I detest smoking so much. I'd be happy if there were no more smoking, but I'm not advocating a complete ban.