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Mattwall1 October 29th, 2014 4:53pm

For the same reason Rome feared and hated Carthage, the United States fears and hates Russia. In both cases, the respective republic found an enemy so disturbingly different-and even more disturbingly similar.

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duey in a fools paradise
10/29/14 6:53 pm

Well actually never having been at war with Russia and seeing what they did during and post WW2 we are nothing alike. We helped rebuild Europe including West Germany while The USSR killed over 20 million of their own and they installed their form of

duey in a fools paradise
10/29/14 6:55 pm

communism in countries they occupied and raped after WW2. We created wealth and helped bring the west out of poverty. They floundered around and finally went banckrupt. So no disagree.

Rotavele Alabama
10/29/14 6:04 pm

It's human nature and natural rivalry in a kill or be killed situation.

BarryB Was it something I said
10/29/14 3:15 pm

I don't buy fear or hate on the part of the U.S.

skinner Jersey City
10/29/14 2:41 pm

Interesting comparison. Are you suggesting the only way for there to be stability is to raze Moscow and to sow their soil with salt?

10/29/14 3:10 pm

No, I do think there are better ways (and littleContemporary proof Scipio even did that)

vin woof
10/29/14 2:19 pm

I've met some very cool Russians. Not sure about Rome but the U.S. Likes to create enemies.

Rosebud Ohio
10/29/14 10:57 am

What makes us so similar to them, in your opinion?

10/29/14 3:26 pm

I'll explain when I get off of work, I'm nearing the end of my break now otherwise I'd explain now

10/29/14 5:20 pm

There seems to be a similar zeal to take over the world, both are seen by others in the advanced world as similar but not fully the same, thus more reason to worry, both in their own ways out national interest over all else in ways other countries

10/29/14 5:21 pm

Don't, both seem to in general have a similar national psyche? And both are all too willing to fight to the death for their ideals when others would capitulate

rons Thanks America
10/29/14 10:23 am

I don't hate Russia, you hate Russia?

Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/29/14 10:08 am

I disagree that we either hate or fear Russia. Many of our citizens are Russian immigrants, and Russia itself has been a more consistent ally than enemy. If anything, Russia serves to remind us we aren't all that, and it annoys us.

rbrown Kansas
10/29/14 9:59 am

The current strain between the two is simply caused by Putin hoping to consolidate power by creating an "other" for Russians to fear and against whom he can appear as a tough guy.