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pandagoesmoo October 29th, 2014 2:02pm

I get braces TOMORROW... Any tips on how to not die if you had/have them?

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FlipFlopGirl Sic semper tyrannis
10/29/14 8:38 pm

Soft foods, soups, etc at first. There will be pain but nothing terrible.. The pain does eventually go away. The days following a visit (new wire, bands, etc..) you will be sore. But millions and millions have survived braces, you will as well..

ThePhlegm The Lone Star State
10/29/14 10:24 am

Just play it off as they hurt really bad and you need ice cream to help dull the pain ;)

peacechik approaching.infinity
10/29/14 9:27 am

Gum and popcorn is fine honestly. But avoid taffy apples, rye bread and candy like starburst because I lost at three brackets because of those foods.

voc I am...what I am
10/29/14 8:15 am

I ate everything with braces. They're no big deal. They hurt at first, but not horribly. You get use to them fast.

2albion2 California
10/29/14 8:04 am

Don't try to hide your braces by keeping your lips shut. It looks weird and when you finally have your braces taken off, your lips will keep doing that weird thing!

fracy A deeper shade of blue.
10/29/14 7:45 am

Your teeth will be aching a lot for the first few days, but it's not unbearable. I hope everything goes well! :)

FarmerManE djent
10/29/14 7:27 am

Soft foods the first few days. Don't even think about gum. Try and stay away from popcorn. And follow all the rules for the extra bands and what not

FarmerManE djent
10/29/14 7:28 am

When I said first few days, I meant to put every month after they change them

10/29/14 7:24 am

They're not as bad as you think. I had them and lived so there's hope for you. :)

zack1018 Ich will nach Stuttgart
10/29/14 7:11 am

They will be uncomfortable but not unbearable. A lot also depends on if you have any other devices as well (bands, spacers, ect,) those can make it more painful. Also try to follow the rules as best you can, and if you must eat banned food be careful