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Show Of Hands October 29th, 2014 11:58am

Jose Canseco accidentally shot off his finger while cleaning his gun yesterday. Do you personally know anyone who has been injured by a gun accident?

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camover Georgia
10/31/14 6:19 pm

Yep. My uncle was at a friend's house looking at rifles and his friend accidentally shot my uncle in the back. The bullet was centimeters away from his spine...

themahcrow Louisiana
10/31/14 5:30 pm

Can steroids make your finger grow back?

10/30/14 8:33 pm

It is quite difficult to "accidentally" shoot yourself. Vast majority of cases involve gross negligence/screwing around & intentional self-inflicted injuries.

10/30/14 2:14 pm

My friend shot himself in the leg.

TheLastAmerican fairfax
10/30/14 12:58 pm

Only pussy liberals get killed by guns... That's why they are so afraid of them. Fun fact; 95% of gang bangers vote democrat. No wonder they want to give felons the right to vote!

Congressman Louisiana
10/30/14 4:52 pm

Why do you spew nonsense? I'm a liberal. I love my guns and am very safe with them.

TheLastAmerican fairfax
10/31/14 9:04 am

Move to Detroit, they will take your guns and when you get shot by some gang banger liberals the police will probably attribute your death to the white patriarchy... Which is the only reason minority youth are on average more violent.

bonemouth lost in the wilderness
10/30/14 9:18 am

In Las Vegas, I think it was mob hit saying talking about steroids is a no no. bad boy!

10/30/14 4:55 am

don't you open the action/disassemble it before cleaning? I agree with the person below me and let natural selection reign supreme.

10/30/14 5:15 am

It's all fun and games until first blood

10/30/14 7:20 pm

Someone's never watched the first Rambo.

10/31/14 4:56 am

those guys were assho1es

10/30/14 4:24 am

I say lets just remove all the warning labels and let nature run its course! If you're too stupid to stay alive, I don't think you should be allowed to reproduce.

10/30/14 2:39 am

Granpa shot himself in the lat muscle while cleaning a rifle. No harm, no foul.

Congressman Louisiana
10/30/14 2:47 am

No harm no foul? He was completely negligent cleaning a loaded firearm. An absolute foul and breaking of the cardinal rules of gun safety.

10/30/14 2:52 am

Yeah. The west isn't as wild as it used to be. Now they have all these rules.

Congressman Louisiana
10/30/14 2:55 am

The rules have been around for a long time. People are just too stupid to adhere to them.

10/30/14 3:04 am

For some reason that reminds me of an overprotective suburban mom. Just let the kids play for goodness sake.

Congressman Louisiana
10/30/14 3:24 am

Are you being sarcastic or serious? Because if serious you're an absolute moron.

10/30/14 3:26 am

It's like anything you work with day in and day out. Sometimes you have to work it hot. Kids gotta eat.

10/30/14 6:30 am

@Congressman, you have done your "duty" on this poll. Now relax and stop being a dick.

10/29/14 11:42 pm

I gotta say, as a gun owner I don't by the story he was "cleaning his gun." Maybe it's just me, but when I'm cleaning mine, I release the clip, clear the chamber multiple times, then I disassemble it, THEN I will start to clean it.

10/29/14 11:43 pm

In my opinion, the gun should not be functional at all before cleaning it.

WittyAmerican Scottsdale
10/30/14 11:37 am

*scratching chin* Wait... How DID he shoot him self while cleaning it? Did... Did he really leave the magazine in? Is this guy that inert with a gun?

saliemster California
10/30/14 4:36 pm

You should have the gun apart before you clean it if its a pistol

tumblemonkey Florida
10/29/14 9:21 pm

If Mark McGwire found it I'd bet he'd give him the finger.

dogsaver new Jersey
10/29/14 8:52 pm

More people get hurt from empty guns and cleaning! It's obvious he is too stupid to own a gun! You can not clean a loaded gun!

rondo1 Colorado
10/29/14 8:45 pm

Same thing. Best friend from high school, Shot off his index finger as a kid.

10/29/14 8:38 pm

I almost shot my Ex (really, it was an accident) at a shooting range b/c my Dad gave me a 22 Automatic that had a 'hair trigger' .... I returned it to my Dad after telling him what I nearly did where I played it off when hubby yelled @ me

Congressman Louisiana
10/30/14 2:49 am

If you can't control a .22 that's just sad.

10/30/14 6:53 pm

I can control a .22 with no problem; hell I've shot double-barrel & a 30-06 while hunting. But your ignorance is reflected if you don't understand "hair trigger" ... The gun was so sensitive the setting it down too hard would cause it to go off too

Congressman Louisiana
10/30/14 7:00 pm

If you'd keep your finger off the trigger........

Congressman Louisiana
10/30/14 7:01 pm

And you say I'm the ignorant one. Just because you've shot a gun doesn't mean you know dick about them.

10/30/14 7:10 pm

Ignorance is also speaking out of your a$$ & assuming, when I just stated that setting the gun down would set it off not sticking my finger on the trigger.
Stupid, I'm sure I'm more knowledgable about them than you since I've owned for over 40yrs

Congressman Louisiana
10/30/14 8:15 pm

Just because your husband owns them doesn't mean you know anything about them. If you knew how triggers work you'd know that setting it down wouldn't set it off. You even admitted it never did anything you just had an irrational fear.

10/31/14 1:46 am

Once again more ignorance ... Where did I say hubby owned the guns? I didn't.
Hmmm, if I rec'd the gun from my father then it would be mine.
All my guns have belonged to me ... Women do own weapons (just like women ride motorcycles) not only men

mostlypurple Georgia
10/29/14 8:37 pm

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

10/29/14 8:12 pm

This was negligence, not an accident. If he followed the 4 rules this wouldn't have happened.

10/29/14 7:02 pm

If the barrel splits or bulges then an obstructed bore is suspect, if the cylinder and upper strap lets go it's usually from an over charged cartridge. Have never heard of a back fire in a firearm...

singkitty In the cloud
10/29/14 6:34 pm

My dad shot off his big toe.

Congressman Louisiana
10/29/14 6:41 pm

What an idiot.

10/29/14 7:31 pm

At least he didn't shoot it off cleaning it

10/29/14 6:09 pm

I knew a sailor who shot his hand to avoid going on a deployment.

10/29/14 7:36 pm

Bad location to choose. The hand is very complex and he could've lost function for the rest of his life. The leg is much better or even the arm.

10/29/14 7:41 pm

he had reconstructive surgery, and six months of therapy. He still can close his hand properly...his pinkies the worst. He's no longer fit to serve so he's out.

10/29/14 7:43 pm

Sorry about that. Since you didn't mention the damage I thought nothing bad happened.

10/29/14 7:55 pm

my mistake... no reason to be sorry. I just wanted to share I war story with the fine folks around here.

10/29/14 8:33 pm

Many people in the past did it to get out of serving ... They caught on eventually.
It's not practical to do that today

10/29/14 5:53 pm

Nope. But then again I don't spend much time with gun owners.

kimberlyhope Florida
10/29/14 5:33 pm

When my brother was a teenager his best friend was cleaning his BB gun and accidentally shot himself in the eye

kimberlyhope Florida
10/29/14 5:39 pm

Well yeah. He wasn't the brightest bulb in the bunch lol

cg98 ohio
10/29/14 4:46 pm

One time I shot my foot with an air soft gun lol

RedHale Texas
10/29/14 4:29 pm

You'd have to be a complete idiot to be able to shoot your finger off while 'cleaning' a gun.

MackGray Jiving and Shucking
10/29/14 4:27 pm

It's good to know a guy with a history of drug abuse and domestic violence is still allowed to own a gun.

Congressman Louisiana
10/29/14 4:28 pm

Except he's not allowed. Probably got it illegally or you know, money talks.

MackGray Jiving and Shucking
10/29/14 5:38 pm

I've yet to find a single article mentioning any kind of criminal charges he is facing. I tend to believe you are incorrect. Not to worry though congressman, most everything you say is incorrect. At least you're consistent

Congressman Louisiana
10/29/14 6:08 pm

Facing? More like faced and convicted on several occasions.

See "Legal Troubles." If you're familiar with the NICS forms you'd know that there's no way he'd lawfully be allowed to buy a gun.

Congressman Louisiana
10/29/14 6:09 pm

But that's right you keep telling yourself it's impossible to break laws and continue to attack the law abiding with your wealth of ignorance.

MackGray Jiving and Shucking
10/29/14 6:43 pm

If he isn't legally allowed to have a weapon, why is he not being charged with possessing a gun after shooting himself now? His criminal history is very well documented. I didn't need you to verify that for me, but thank you for doing so

Congressman Louisiana
10/29/14 6:48 pm

Then why did you say you couldn't find anything? Also he's a celebrity and has money, wouldn't be hard to avoid a charge as he has done so in the past. Additionally formal charges may still come in the next few days.

10/29/14 3:45 pm

Yes my uncle shot his two with a BB gun

Naterade Rhode Island
10/29/14 3:29 pm

The sad part is he shouldn't have any guns because he's a felon.

fotoguy22 Florida
10/29/14 2:22 pm

Canseco has become a huge pathetic joke. I used to be one of his fans,

Panterek Bangkok has me now
10/29/14 2:17 pm

Good job clearing it first

Alex619 California
10/29/14 1:47 pm

Cleaning his gun while loaded..... He probably deserves to lose a finger or 2.

kenzbt New York
10/29/14 1:12 pm

I'm sorry but that is just idiotic.

katerina13 stuck in the middle
10/29/14 1:01 pm

Lmao!! You can't help yourself. It's hilarious!

katerina13 stuck in the middle
10/29/14 1:07 pm

Messed up...meant to answer poor sad Congressman.

DamageInc California
10/29/14 1:00 pm

My older brother nearly lost all of his fingers when he was loading a .22, he bent down to pick up a dropped bullet and his jacket zipper snagged on the trigger.

dpveritasgold texas
10/29/14 12:39 pm

How on earth do you manage to shoot yourself? Goodness

10/29/14 12:22 pm

An old boss shot himself in the foot.

Congressman Louisiana
10/29/14 2:07 pm

Must have been a flintlock.

susanr Colorado
10/29/14 11:42 am

Yes, although it happened some years before I knew him. A former housemate was hunting with some friends when he was a young man. Something about stepping over a barbed wire fence, another guy being negligent in how he handled his gun, & my

susanr Colorado
10/29/14 11:42 am

friend being shot in the abdomen. Fortunately nothing vital was hit & he survived without any long-term damage.

pateach2 love my son
10/29/14 11:18 am

My neighbor shot himself in the leg so he knew what do expect in case he ever was shot by somebody else.

Crawdaddy11 LEGEND of FIRSTS
10/29/14 12:07 pm

I did that too but I just used my foot. Only an idiot would shoot himself in the leg.

Congressman Louisiana
10/29/14 3:19 pm

Craw I can't tell if you're serious or being ironic...

10/29/14 11:15 am

Ha! Alabama! Haha! Ha!

steelcity Pittsburgh
10/29/14 10:43 am

My step dad shot himself in the palm after talking gun safety with my mom.

steelcity Pittsburgh
10/29/14 10:51 am

Mistakes happen.

Congressman Louisiana
10/29/14 10:53 am

Only if you're negligent. Which he was.

steelcity Pittsburgh
10/29/14 10:55 am

Yeah he was negligent. It's still a mistake.

Brandon1995 San Francisco
10/29/14 10:42 am

Fox News will say that this was another hoax to bring more gun control.

Congressman Louisiana
10/29/14 10:49 am

No just further proves Canseco is a moron.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
10/29/14 2:34 pm

Obamists will say "Fox news..." bla bla bla because the timer went off in their heads to chant the Pravda feed. They will probably blame SF losing to KC as a right sing conspiracy because of the voting patterns of the states.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
10/29/14 10:10 am

You can not " clean a gun " with it loaded the dumb shit,he deserved it. Lol

10/29/14 9:51 am

Yes, my grandmas wannabe boyfriend shot her accidentally in the chest which almost hit my mom when she was like in her 20s

Congressman Louisiana
10/29/14 10:24 am

Negligently not accidentally.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/29/14 9:48 am

Yes, but no one who has been injured by "accidentally" shooting themselves. It is fairly easy to get burned by hot brass when shooting some firearms, and torn fingernails, blisters, and minor bruises are almost a given if you shoot enough.

angstanon San Diego, CA
10/29/14 9:44 am

Luckily, all the people I know who own guns aren't idiots.

dudley northern Virginia woods
10/29/14 9:26 am

Now they will be able to tell him apart from his twin without their having to wear their stats on a tshirt. But no, I've known lots of people with guns but they didn't clean them when either one was loaded.

10/29/14 9:24 am

Guns don't shoot people. People shoot people.

10/29/14 9:15 am

At least four people I can think of. Some were killed.