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KatG October 29th, 2014 12:40am

We are leaving in the a.m. for South Carolina. We'll be visiting Hilton Head and Savannah when we aren't participating in military activities at Parris Island. Any suggestions on what to see or eat?

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stefanie22 Cincinnati
10/29/14 8:24 am

Make sure to hit up Riverstreet treats in Savannah, love their pralines!!

KatG Liberal in Ohio
10/31/14 5:46 pm

The candy factory place on the cobblestones? I just dropped $50 in there lol. I could have spent triple that, easily.

10/29/14 7:02 am

No clue but have a great time.

10/28/14 9:30 pm


10/28/14 9:30 pm

And scottydoesno. To clarify, visit Scotty and eat the barbecue.

Rosebud Ohio
10/28/14 8:03 pm

I can't for the life of me remember the name, but there's a restaurant on the shore that has really good sushi. Don't get the salad though, it's depressing.
But have fun!

Rosebud Ohio
10/28/14 8:05 pm

Also, if you can pack food. On base the lines will be just stupid long.

LadyA Earth Explorer
10/28/14 6:50 pm

Do NOT go to Lady & Sons, it is a tourist trap. For the best lunch in Savannah go stand in line for Mrs. Wilkes.

For dinner: The Pink House, then have a drink at City Market (there is usually music outside Wild Wings). And of course River Street.

knh85 ...
10/28/14 6:43 pm

Salty dog cafe.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
10/28/14 6:27 pm

Lady & Sons
Also, the open air market

imanag My heaven on Earth
10/28/14 6:22 pm

Are you going to Charleston at all? I love that city! Carriage tours there are a must and dinner at a tiny spot called Hominy Grill. Holy shrimp & grits, that's good!

KatG Liberal in Ohio
10/28/14 7:15 pm

We won't have time. Most of our time will be spent on base.

imanag My heaven on Earth
10/28/14 8:48 pm

Well then, Semper Fi, Kat!

10/28/14 5:59 pm

Just outside of HH is crazy crab. It's an experience
Also not too far from patriots point (North Carolina).

voc I am...what I am
10/28/14 5:53 pm

Just thank those marines for us. We appreciate the sacrifices they make!

Emily33 North Carolina
10/28/14 5:47 pm

Yeah. Stop in North Carolina :)
And Savannah is awesome.