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firefly5 October 28th, 2014 7:16pm

due to my family having just recovered from the plague, I'm afraid I'll have to cancel SoHHO for tonight. but we'll be back next week with a special WYR episode. again, my apologies.

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2katz I live in Nebraska
10/29/14 3:01 pm

Did you get rid of all the rats too

10/28/14 6:05 pm

Glad it wasn't the Ebola. Lol. Get well soon.

alynn Somewhere wonderful
10/28/14 4:39 pm

No worries! Next week will be great. You guys get healthy in the meantime. :)

firefly5 the verse
10/28/14 4:51 pm

we'll have a lot of fun, I think.

firefly5 the verse
10/28/14 2:51 pm

We're quickly recovering. thank you.

voc I am...what I am
10/28/14 12:55 pm

Did you all have ebola?

firefly5 the verse
10/28/14 1:58 pm

it's from all the door licking.

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
10/28/14 12:37 pm

Thanks for the heads up. Hope y'all get well soon.

firefly5 the verse
10/28/14 12:38 pm

I'm sorry. we're getting there, but the rest will help, I'm sure.

firefly5 the verse
10/28/14 12:40 pm

I was just in the process of sending you a message.

firefly5 the verse
10/28/14 12:32 pm

I'm nearly better, but the days get long. thank you.

WildRice With a side of sass
10/28/14 12:35 pm

Ugh. I think it should be against nature to let one parent get sick let alone both! Ridiculous!

WildRice With a side of sass
10/28/14 12:35 pm

And you're going to be on WYR right?

OhTheIrony Learning from you
10/28/14 12:56 pm

Yup, I'll be there!