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PrincessPetal October 28th, 2014 7:25am

Do you prefer making people laugh or being the one laughing?

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thedailysparton NOT Russia
10/30/14 8:34 pm

I have quite twisted humor... Trust me on that.

But I also have a masters degree in puns

MachoMatt84 Privileged to serve.
10/30/14 12:33 pm

I love making people laugh! It makes me happy when I can infect others with smiles and laughter!

10/29/14 9:10 pm

They laugh, except I laugh too. What can I say? I'm a funny guy

10/29/14 5:44 pm

I have very dry sarcastic humor

tayen Illinois
10/28/14 3:23 pm

I like making people laugh, then laughing with them.

10/28/14 6:46 am

Making people laugh:) i am funny...just ask me:)

PrincessPetal Austin, TX
10/28/14 5:24 pm

No you ain't. Go drink your prune juice!

10/28/14 5:47 pm

Awe it's the "stinkweed"...maybe that should be your new name:) lol

PrincessPetal Austin, TX
10/28/14 6:07 pm

Lol, I like it, you are so nice :) now buzz off old man!

10/28/14 8:29 pm

Nah, it would take too long to "buzz off"...I'm like Dr Nefario (despicable me), my power scooter only goes so fast. So be a good minion and get me some prune juice!:)

chickencookie Jihad Joe
10/28/14 4:59 am

Making them laugh.

PrincessPetal Austin, TX
10/28/14 5:25 pm

You make me laugh a lot!

brenstal Florida
10/28/14 12:41 am

I like making people laugh. My brother doesn't smile a lot, and I really like it when I can get him to laugh because it's so genuine.