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Do you wear a broad mix of the clothes you own on a regular basis, or cycle through a fraction of them over and over?

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08/21/12 7:40 am

POC- Personally Owned Clothing when not on duty. ACU or PTs when on duty. I try not to wear other peoples clothes.

uturn55 Florida
08/19/12 9:39 am

All I own are gray tee shirts and jeans. Have worn that for decades. Some sat boring, I say less to have to think about in the morning.

08/18/12 12:57 am

I think it's human nature to re-wear your favorite pieces. This is especially true in a world full of impulse buys and purchases based on the fact that there was a sale.

08/17/12 10:47 pm

I didn't get the question...

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
08/17/12 7:06 pm

On the weekends I rotate the same two pairs of cargo shorts and about five different tees or polos and athletic shoes.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
08/17/12 7:05 pm

I have been wearing the same dozen slacks/jackets for the last 7 years. So I always wear those that are the same. But, I like to mix up the button downs and ties (when I have to wear them). I wear the same 2 pairs of shoes all week depending on the colour of the suit.

bnnt Los Angeles
08/17/12 3:13 pm

I don't have many clothes. I'm like a cartoon character and it seems like I wear the same thing everyday.

lilloluv Michigan
08/17/12 12:03 pm

I wear a fraction of my clothes until I discover other things In closet

EarlyBird Portland
08/17/12 7:26 am

Sherrigoo - do you wear all the clothes you have or do you have a hand full of outfits that you wear over and over?

sherrigoo Colorado
08/17/12 7:09 am

What does this question even mean?

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
08/17/12 6:26 am

Usually just a fraction. Of course when the seams at the armpits come undone it gets really annoying. Lift my arm up to grab something and everyone roars in laughter. Ehem. But yeah, I re-wear my favorites until they are no more. That's my general clothing philosophy.

Quinnipiac Here
08/17/12 3:32 am

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08/17/12 12:56 am

Answer: lots of clothes. Wear one set half a day. Nuff' said.

sohuser California
08/17/12 12:07 am

I only own 10 shirts and 5 pairs of pants so neither.

skeptical Indianapolis, IN
08/16/12 10:18 pm

Pants don't get dirty, I wear the same 2 pairs over and over for months

dadstad Texas
08/16/12 8:39 pm

I need to clean out my closet

NFLPrincess First and Goal
08/16/12 7:55 pm

Ok, I'll fess up to being vain and slightly high maintenance. I am fortunate enough to have a huge wardrobe and won't wear the same thing in a 60 day window with the exception being staple pieces like black/grey/khaki dress pants or skirts. I love my closet! It's my happy place.

08/16/12 7:50 pm

I agree bigbad, this is truly a bad question, the answer choices don't match the question!?

valeriejo ramble on
08/16/12 7:45 pm

I probably have a couple hundred outfits in all and wear only about 5-10 of them frequently

08/16/12 7:37 pm

Same stuff for the most part at work & mix and match for more fashion choices when going out

08/16/12 7:18 pm

@Daveo5: everything is relative, and just about every place in the US is more humid than Arazona.

08/16/12 7:15 pm

I second what EarlyBird said about humidity. I am from Houston and moved to Dallas about 10 years ago. While Dallas isn't quite as dry as Arizona, it's enough to tell a difference.

08/16/12 6:30 pm

I don't understand the options. what does "match" have to do with the question?

Daveo5 Texas
08/16/12 6:23 pm

Earlybird. Seriously Oregon is not humid. Perhaps it is compared to arizona but not really. I'm originally from the northwest and have worked and lived all over.

bkelldance Illinois
08/16/12 6:12 pm

Have a couple of favorites that circulate

Aurabelle Utah
08/16/12 4:56 pm

wow I guess I'm an odd person who wears all their clothes, didn't expect to be in the minority!

08/16/12 4:41 pm

Depends on how often I do my laundry

EarlyBird Portland
08/16/12 3:46 pm

Side note, those who think AZ is way too hot, wrong! I'll take an Arizona 110 degree day over am Oregon day of 85 any day. Humidity is a killer.

EarlyBird Portland
08/16/12 3:44 pm

I had beautiful clothes from when I was working (in phx) but after moving to Oregon, to care for elderly parents, the've all gone to charity. I now wear same 10 - 15 pieces of very comfortable clothing.

08/16/12 2:46 pm

I wear scrubs to work, so there's not a lot of variety.

08/16/12 2:13 pm

If I really like a shirt or such I buy two. It looks as if I wear the same one every day then but I cycle through those two or three identical looking.

08/16/12 1:49 pm

That's a good question. I want to go through them more but get lazy or don't have time to try and figure out what looks good

08/16/12 1:32 pm

Most of my time is spent in scrubs cycle thru what's clean

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/16/12 1:25 pm

Usually jeans and a t-shirt, or when it's this miserably hot, just shorts. I rotate through them to balance the wear, they're all the same. I have a whole pile of "business casual" (whatever that is) that eventually I'll cut into shorts - it's not like I'll be working for idiots again.

08/16/12 1:11 pm

I have TONS of clothes but I end up wearing the same thing all the time. Especially in the summer. I mix it up more in the winter.

08/16/12 12:31 pm

Not sure if it's mix or match but I pretty much wear the same ol' threads with consistency.

thekid524 New York
08/16/12 12:28 pm

3 pairs of jeans 4 pairs of shorts and 6 shirts. I refuse to wear anything else

thekid524 New York
08/16/12 12:26 pm

I have a total of around 16 outfits year wide. Half cold half warm

08/16/12 12:20 pm

jeans and t-shirts in the winter and shorts and t-shirts or tank tops in the summer..I am bored with my wardrobe :(

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
08/16/12 11:42 am

It doesn't matter what I wear: everything I own is so stinking UGLY!!!

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
08/16/12 11:33 am

I pretty much cycle through except for not wearing long sleeves in summer. But I'll wear tanks in winter and layer. I guess that's what great about the south, you don't need huge jackets in winter except maybe a few days.

08/16/12 11:23 am

Ralph Lauren polos are the way to go! :D

gonzoboy Northern AZ
08/16/12 11:16 am

I just hope this is one question that somehow doesn't devolve into an argument about the BIBLE! Then again, why not? It's certainly becoming amusing!...

pe1017 San Antonio
08/16/12 11:08 am

All brooks brothers all the time...