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Praetorianus October 27th, 2014 2:16am

Do you think it is essential to teach "talent" subjects like art and music in public schools?

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TigerShark47 Missouri
10/27/14 8:24 pm

Kids need a break sometimes from actual schoolwork. Art/music offers them that break while it also strengthens a separate part of their mind. Studies have shown that kids who excel at music also do much better at math and reading.

10/27/14 7:38 pm

From experience, a lack of imagination happens to kids who don't grow up with those programs.

10/27/14 5:04 pm

Very important for learning on a whole.

sgkitty new york
10/27/14 4:39 pm

Important but not essential.

10/27/14 3:07 pm

Absolutely. This is art and saves kids on a daily! Additionally, research continues to show that achievement in school based art, music, etc. correlates with higher academic performance as well!

ScrewU Gone
10/27/14 1:39 pm

At least part of the reason that we do so poorly against other nations on standardized tests is that most of them only teach academics.

SkookumRoyce The Great Northwest
10/27/14 1:05 pm

It's important to pursue holistic education. We shouldn't only emphasize subjects that we see as practical, but also those which develop the student's interests and character.

ThePhlegm The Lone Star State
10/27/14 11:19 am

Essential, yes. It has been shown in so many studies that art and music both help in so many other areas.

10/27/14 10:46 am

They should be taught but not made a requirement to graduate. We had to take one art class in order to get my diploma

Wes28 CBus
10/27/14 10:09 am

I would say yes, and especially push them early on, but do not make it a requirement past, say, middle school, to take fine art credits. It isn't for everyone (just like Chemistry or French isn't for everyone).

Wes28 CBus
10/27/14 10:10 am

I apologize for my sentence above...very poor structure haha

Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/27/14 6:27 am

Some of those "talents" are 100% learned skills. Drawing, for example, is something I wasn't taught in school, but wish I had been. Driving is one that used to be taught in school, and still should be in my opinion.

10/27/14 5:40 am

It is good that they are taught, but they are not necessities.

KudosToYou California
10/26/14 7:50 pm

Yes, but I'd argue that neither of those require talent.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
10/27/14 4:53 am

My personal experience disagrees. I had straight As except in those two subjects and PE, even though I put the same amount of effort into every subject. So something must be different with those. If all are just skills, why different grades?

Praetorianus Fair enough.
10/27/14 4:55 am

The right "ear", hand-eye or body coordination are talents, but memorizing historical facts or mathematical procedures or vocabulary and grammar are just learnable skills.

ProfDG I Want Truth
10/27/14 7:15 am

As a chemistry major in college, I thought taking piano would be a fun, easy way to earn my fine art credit. Wrong! It was the only C I ever earned. I couldn't make fingers go to the right keys. The teacher actually felt sorry for me.

TigerShark47 Missouri
10/27/14 8:28 pm

I was one of the better clarinet players in my high school band. There were kids that tried just as hard or harder than I did, but they never quite excelled like me. Talent can play a large role in fine arts.

Maj Worth Economist
10/26/14 7:29 pm

What makes these subjects any different from being talented in math or talented in English or talented in foreign language? Should we not teach those because you can get through life without using them, and some people suck at them?

Maj Worth Economist
10/26/14 7:32 pm

Art teaches perspective (literally and figuratively), music is extremely helpful in learning math. Both teach focus and encourage creative thinking. Both are important and fantastic outlets for emotions and expression. They're vital.

FacePalm That Trick Never Works
10/26/14 8:55 pm

They also teach discipline.

10/26/14 8:00 pm

Wait, serious or sarcasm?

commonsense America isnt racist
10/26/14 8:07 pm

Very serious about this one. I think it's essential.

Pent Chatham bubble
10/26/14 7:19 pm

School subjects teach students how to think in different ways, and art and music definitely expose students to new ways of thinking.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
10/26/14 7:18 pm

While I know these have cultural value, I don't think they are essential. I suggest that just some basic knowledge about art and music to be taught but practice would be a voluntary workshop.

Arananthi Literal Ninja
10/26/14 7:37 pm

By that logic, math beyond pre-Algebra, 100% of history classes, physical education, all literature, and half of everything else is "non-essential." It's arbitrarium, and wrong-headed as well.

zack1018 Ich will nach Stuttgart
10/26/14 7:18 pm

Students need to figure out what they enjoy and what they are good at, not everybody can be or even wants to be a lawyer or an engineer.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
10/26/14 7:20 pm

I figured out quickly I'm not talented at either, the rest was a waste of time, so why not just a small introductory class followed by a voluntary workshop?