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StoneRoots October 27th, 2014 1:58am

You and another person get into a heated confrontation. The other person is armed with a gun, a taser and a bullet proof vest unbeknownst to you. It turns physical and he shoots and kills you instantly.He claims he was in fear for his life.Justified?

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BusinessJustin Tamriel
10/26/14 11:07 pm

It depends on what exactly transpired, but sure, it could be justified.

10/27/14 10:18 am

You're right but I was trying to make the situation as even as possible. Both started the confrontation and both decided to turn it physical. I just feel if one persons knows they are at an extreme advantage that should be taken Into account.

BusinessJustin Tamriel
10/27/14 10:46 am

Well, ideally the person with clear advantage would use proper escalation of force, but that's not always possible.

10/29/14 9:29 am

Right so if you were a jury in this case and from what you've heard and can see that without the weapons it would have been a fair fight. Physically, fight skill, etc. Should this guy be charged with anything for immediately turning things fatal?

10/29/14 9:30 am

I'm just being hypothetical of course those are things you can't really just judge for yourself.