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crazyjane October 26th, 2014 5:56am

Have you ever had to take care of a drunken friend?

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ButchBrewBaker Pennsyltuckey
10/26/14 4:50 am

Oh yes, and I've been the drunken friend who needed taken care of too!

Pirate Uses the Tap
10/26/14 3:03 am

Way too many times. It's difficult when they are belligerent.

dawl adulting
10/26/14 12:49 am

Oh the memories you just brought up lol.

jmw7477 Indiana
10/26/14 12:04 am

Not a drunken friend, but I've had to take care of a drunken husband.

SaintAnger sumkindamonster
10/25/14 10:58 pm

Yep. Friends and i were out drinking, we went to a group of college girls house and instead of getting laid, I found my friend laying on the bathroom floor drunk and vomiting. Ah, good times.