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jimiscott October 26th, 2014 4:42am

What a weekend! My wife tripped over the cat and broke her shoulder, got 11 stitches in her head. Have you ever done anything like that?

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dudley northern Virginia woods
10/26/14 10:46 am

Yes, but not that dramatic. How's the cat? And bless the wife - hope she heals up quickly.

10/26/14 7:17 am

I'm so sorry. I hope she's ok soon.

bstokosa Connecticut
10/26/14 7:10 am

Good gracious- a speedy recovery to your wife. As for the poll the only thing I've ever broken in my 48 years has been two toes one on each foot - in Taekwondo classes. Bad enough it was done both times during stretching warm ups. :-( - Good luck

Rosebud Ohio
10/26/14 7:04 am

Oh my goodness! I hope she's don't as well as possible with it.
I slipped on wet grass last year, badly tore hip stuff and couldn't walk. Still get pain.
My husband slipped at work, tore tendons, his Achilles partly, and two fractures.

Kay41 the Midwest
10/26/14 6:02 am

Oh no! I hope she isn't in too much pain.

jvc1133 61535
10/26/14 5:32 am

Out age has many unpleasant surprises. ; )

dawl adulting
10/26/14 12:52 am

My mom just broke her ankle, it's awful hope you all are ok!

MogoshKatz Wisconsin
10/26/14 12:28 am

Not me but my mom stepped on a bottle cap that one of the cats knocked on the hardwood floor. She broke her arm just below the shoulder. Her first broken bone at 76y/o. Yes, she still has the cat.

Rob Be Safe Be Smart
10/25/14 10:15 pm

F'n cat. I tried to warn you.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/26/14 12:38 am

I devoted a whole pole to it :-)

chickencookie Biden crime syndicate
10/26/14 7:46 am

Haha Rob. I bet you favoriting this poll.

jimiscott Survivor
10/25/14 9:58 pm

Not for long.

jimiscott Survivor
10/25/14 10:01 pm

Seriously, he is fine. We are looking to give him another home. She is very insistent on that.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/25/14 9:52 pm

Not quite. I'm pretty talented though. Give her a big hug from me and tell her I hope she gets well quickly. So that's who posted from the hospital bed about people snoring?

jimiscott Survivor
10/25/14 9:58 pm

Yep. My father in law and I were sawing logs.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/25/14 9:50 pm

No, and holy cow jimi! A broken shoulder cant be much fun, never mind the head stitches. I hope she doesn't take too long to heal. It probably hurts like hell. And the cat sitting the corner and laughing about it probably doesn't help :-)

jimiscott Survivor
10/25/14 9:59 pm

We are looking for a good home for the cat. She really hates him at the moment.

Torfin Never Behind
10/25/14 9:47 pm

Yes, I tripped over a small boulder (playing paintball with my son) and fell into a huge boulder crushing the chromium process in my shoulder.

jimiscott Survivor
10/25/14 9:46 pm

Luckily she is doing well. She goes to the orthopedic doc. Monday.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/25/14 9:53 pm

You should of showed her the post I wrote earlier this week about cats organizing.