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PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
10/25/14 5:36 pm

I'm a fan of them in that they remind me of my great-grandfather who was an old rancher, a true western original. He wore a bolo tie quite frequently.

EarlyBird Portland
10/25/14 5:15 pm

Two thumbs down.

thedarkhorse silence was an intense roar
10/25/14 5:14 pm

Fan. It takes the right outfit on the right person.

alynn Somewhere wonderful
10/25/14 5:20 pm

I don't know. I've never seen anyone pull it off well.

10/27/14 9:46 am

New profile picture is expected to be in place, dark

thedarkhorse silence was an intense roar
10/27/14 12:12 pm

As soon as I can find the right bolo...I'll for sure have a new pic up. :)