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BdawgN October 24th, 2014 4:01pm

Did the Indian removal act go against fundamental American ideals? (The forced removal of thousands of Native Americans off their lands, and then forced them to walk thousands of miles to a new reservation.)

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suppressedID anti Gilead
10/24/14 4:00 pm

But...but...that wasn't US!! And since it's over and done with, let's pretend it didn't happen.

<channeling my inner Conservative>

mikeey1962 on SOH where else
10/24/14 10:18 am

And that's just the stuff the history books tell us, they did a lot worse, way worse!

susanr Colorado
10/24/14 9:43 am

There's no question about that. In retrospect, it's a very shameful record for the US. It seems unfathomable that we as a country didn't seem to acknowledge Native Americans as humans with the same rights (or blacks, either).

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
10/24/14 9:29 am

Pretty much.
Unfortunately, people (including leading scholars) thought the Natives to be an inferior race of savages and not entitled to the same rights. We know better now, but it is too late.