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JennaF October 24th, 2014 2:38am

Is your city/town notorious for something?

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10/24/14 9:47 pm

Tulsa Race Riot. Believed to be the single worst incident of racial violence in American history.

Tariq88 Utah
10/24/14 7:47 pm

I think most cities/towns that are known to people are known or notorious for at least something.

ButchBrewBaker Pennsyltuckey
10/24/14 5:59 pm

No, but I used to live in a town that called itself "the horse thief capital of the world." There was even a sign. Don't know why.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/24/14 5:25 pm

Oh I forgot about Steve Prefontaine.

ovcourse 8646 Bidenflation, CA
10/24/14 11:24 pm

Santa Cruz also claims that title, but I don't get it.

omagabi Surf City
10/25/14 2:22 pm

There have been legal battles regarding the title but HB won the right via trademark.

10/24/14 4:17 pm

Glass and sex trafficking: Toledo... Home sweet home.

bringstheeagle Colorado
10/24/14 3:59 pm

Legal Marijuana.

s4mm1 MD SLP
10/24/14 2:39 pm

Morgantown is know for partying a little too hard. And for having an amazing university.

10/24/14 2:36 pm

I just moved to small town and football is big there. But the schools mascot is the Yellow Jacket. And we see DOZENS of actual yellow jackets everyday.

10/24/14 12:06 pm

We have the best horse riding trails were I live

DonWichita Kansas
10/24/14 11:22 am

Notorious being a negative connotation points to Wichita's sad history with the BTK serial killer.
On the famous side is, "Air Capital of the world".
"Charlie's Famous Hamburgers" 3200 W. 13th Wichita, Ks. 67203. Get the "Charlie's Special"

Colorado303 Future Seattle Resident
10/24/14 1:09 pm

Don't forget the Westboro Baptist church

DonWichita Kansas
10/24/14 3:07 pm

Yes. Westboro Baptist Church remains an ongoing horrific shame in Kansas.

mikeey1962 on SOH where else
10/24/14 10:52 am

Chili, green and red. We are the chili Capitol of the world!

10/24/14 10:33 am

Largest city land wise in the U.S. and the worst NFL team with a kicka$$ stadium.

Fox semirural
10/24/14 10:29 am

Yes...small-town provincialism and closed-mindedness.

FarmerManE djent
10/24/14 10:18 am

Birthplace of Harry Truman. Blue top cafe (formerly). 3-peat state champs in football.

osouless Whats Next
10/24/14 9:03 am

BUFFALO Wings, or as we call them, wings ;)

typetype level 2 pretty
10/24/14 8:27 am

Entertainment, hookers, plastic surgery, rich ppl, poor ppl, liberals, plastic bag ban, weed shops, riots, crooked cops, donut shops, movies, music, art, museums, sushi, vegan, public transport, bike lanes, jail overcrowding, Hollywood, & freakshows

AreYou USA
10/24/14 7:28 am

In the top 3 competitors for the inventor of the Hamburger with New Haven Connecticut, Hamburg, Germany, and Athens, Texas.

typetype level 2 pretty
10/24/14 8:33 am

I want a jalapeño kolache so bad. I see you're from Texas and talking about meat. All they have here is donuts. Nothing comes close to a jal chz kolache from Texas.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/24/14 6:08 am

The New Clarissa. A shipwreck

rons Thanks America
10/24/14 5:51 am

Too many bears.

typetype level 2 pretty
10/24/14 8:27 am

That's cool. To be known for. Not actually have to deal with

rons Thanks America
10/24/14 9:25 am

A guy was killed last month by a bear. They think they're squirrels.

10/24/14 4:59 am

I'm in KC we're known for:

BBQ, Jazz, & hopefully by end of next week being home of the current World Series Champions.

Kaiko385 Animalover
10/24/14 4:10 am

I live in Lynchburg, VA
Hell ya!! like 40 things!!!

missblank101 Ithaca, New York
10/24/14 3:06 am

having the most blacks and Asians in one city

ravens1 Birdland
10/24/14 2:14 am

heroin capital of the US. but hey what do expect from a city that's been run by democrats since 1967.

Rotavele Alabama
10/24/14 1:58 am

Amy Bishop shooting up the University.

chisohawa Albuquerque
10/24/14 1:17 am

At the moment, mainly Breaking Bad (and I guess people now think we have a lot of meth...we don't...)

typetype level 2 pretty
10/24/14 8:30 am

When think abq??? I think about skateboards

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
10/24/14 12:57 am

On the negative side, we were the murder capital of the US around 1980ish.
But we're positively notable as the actual home of the team that was the subject of the book and movie Friday Night Lights, the Permian (HS) Panthers of Odessa TX. The movie

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
10/24/14 1:00 am

was filmed here (as were scenes from No Country for Old Men), but the TV show moved to Austin and even changed the school's name. Jerks.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
10/24/14 1:26 am

And 20 miles east in Midland, George W. Bush grew up and Baby Jessica was dropped down a well by her cousins while they were left unsupervised. This angle of the story was never reported, but it was known by some locals.

rainbowlove St.louis MO
10/24/14 12:48 am

Idk you tell me... what do you know about st.louis. I think it is for many reasons but idk what's on everyone else's news.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
10/24/14 1:05 am

Only place you can live in despair (DesPeres) in a state of misery (Missouri). Spent the last night of our Disney World honeymoon at the Chase Park Plaza before returning home to Decatur IL. :o)

Rotavele Alabama
10/24/14 1:59 am

I heard the police are a force to be reckoned with.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
10/24/14 2:24 am

LOL. But the leaked autopsy report tells a different story than the Sharptonites. The cop followed procedure.

Rotavele Alabama
10/24/14 2:28 am

Yeah, I got into multiple arguments with party mates defending the officer :/. Glad to see I was on the right side with the county autopsy.

Rotavele Alabama
10/24/14 2:29 am

One of the reasons for my switch to become a green.

kermie gaytopia
10/23/14 11:21 pm

Well it's notorious for being Oakland I guess.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
10/24/14 1:07 am

Laney College! I've got a baseball cap from there with Magic Johnson's jersey # on the back!

Wert A picture of my junk
10/23/14 11:12 pm

Yes. A conspicuous lack of hurricanes.

fifeSymington Rose City
10/23/14 10:09 pm

yes: strip clubs, roses, bridges, homeless people, craft beers, coffee culture.

kelsey498 Colorado
10/23/14 10:08 pm

Arapahoe High School shooting last year, Columbine in a neighboring city and Aurora theater shooting in the other neighboring city.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
10/24/14 1:09 am

Don't drink the water. You could catch it.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
10/23/14 9:53 pm

No. Dumpy little suburb of a trashy little city. AC has casinos and the boardwalk. My town has my old high school where the golden generation of the mafia's children went. Our lighthouse is actually in the city. We're too small (5 miles) to be known.

Spartacus AUSTIN
10/23/14 9:49 pm

Texas chainsaw massacre house.

Starkey Nashville,TN
10/23/14 9:41 pm

Music City and the Grand Ole Opry are all I can think of. Love going to Opryland during the Christmas time, it's beautiful.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
10/24/14 1:13 am

Oh, have they reopened the Opryland amusement park? Used to love it when we lived there in 1980-82 while I got my Master's.

spitfirejmw Alabama
10/24/14 7:03 am

The parks closed and they tore it down to build a huge outlet mall. Best thing to do there now is going to opry mills for Christmas like the original comment said

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
10/24/14 12:01 pm

Sounds good. Haven't been back since they closed my grad school (Scarritt College) and made the campus a headquarters for the feminist movement in the United Methodist Church.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
10/23/14 9:14 pm

Most bars per capita in the US from what I see, a few of them: Oddly, it doesn't appear in the official 2013 stats but KW has definitely more than 12 bars per 10,000 as Philly claims.

meaning Red Stick
10/23/14 9:05 pm

Crime, corruption, and being the hardest place in the country to play an away game in college football.

HCCrusader Boston
10/23/14 8:35 pm

South Boston is notorious for being the home of mob boss Whitey Bulger and of rioting and protesting during 1970s forced bussing.