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PartyFree October 23rd, 2014 11:24pm

I'm going to the Bay Area for 10 days next month around Thanksgiving, and flying in and out of Sacramento. I've been to San Francisco before so I've done the Cable Car/Fisherman's Wharf/Ghirardelli thing. Any suggestions for places I must see?

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susanr Colorado
10/24/14 3:30 pm

I'm glad you've had good suggestions. I lived there for years & now go back annually for a visit, but I spend so much time doing stuff with old friends that I almost never get to the "touristy" parts (except Pier 39 where my daughter's father's

susanr Colorado
10/24/14 3:31 pm

sailboat is docked) or even the "ordinary" places. Just the out-of-the-way areas where friends live & play.

We alway say we *have* to come back some other time of year to just goof around, but we haven't, yet.

10/24/14 8:24 am

The Winchester crazy house is worth going to

susanr Colorado
10/24/14 3:32 pm

*Mystery* house, I think. I actually have a DVD about it sitting about a foot away from me; friends thought I'd be interested & loaned it to me.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/24/14 12:11 am

Let me get hold of Joel. We quit to high tea at a fancy hotel across the street from the big fancy Episcopalian Cathedral. Lovely day. Tops Caffee very good food

moonshot More often I know nothing
10/23/14 10:37 pm

If you get a clear day, drive out to Walnut Creek and head to the top of Mt Diablo. The views are amazing at almost 4,000 feet.

susanr Colorado
10/24/14 3:23 pm

My daughter and her father used to ride their bikes on Mt Diablo, when she lived in Oakland.

They rode *up* it. Makes me exhausted just thinking about it.

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
10/23/14 10:15 pm

Seeing Alcatraz is an interesting experience, but I'm not sure if they're still doing tours.

10/24/14 8:23 am

They are!

catpillow Florida West Coast
10/23/14 9:23 pm

Muir Woods, 49 mile scenic drive, Yank Sing restaurant for Dim Sum.

susanr Colorado
10/24/14 3:24 pm

I really liked Yank Sing... a SF friend gave me the name of what he thinks is the best dim sum place in town... I hope I find where I wrote that before I go there in February.

catpillow Florida West Coast
10/24/14 4:14 pm

Let me know the name if it's better than Yank Sing, or even just as good. I'll save it just in case.

10/23/14 8:56 pm

You should go shopping downtown.

ladyniner81 I hate people
10/23/14 8:24 pm

Gheradelli (however you spell it) Square. and just eat till you puke. the chocolate is gooooood. And Fisherman's Wharf

2katz I live in Nebraska
10/23/14 7:35 pm

Is that park still there with the Japanese tea house? It was magical.

susanr Colorado
10/24/14 3:26 pm

The Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. One of my favorite places.

I miss the old De Young Museum, though, or at least the Asian art part of it (relocated downtown). The new museum building is... interesting...

10/23/14 6:28 pm

17 mile drive and muir woods, for sure! Both amazing. Big sur and the Monterey aquarium, too if you can.

chickencookie Biden crime syndicate
10/23/14 6:15 pm

In addition to what everyone said, my sister enjoyed "Beach Blanket Bingo" - a show that's played for years. Muir Woods? Giant Somoa trees.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/23/14 5:26 pm

Take the tour of City Hall that was really nice.

catpillow Florida West Coast
10/23/14 9:25 pm

There was a fabulous fabric store in downtown San Francisco when I lived there. I can't recall the name, but it was several stories high and had everything.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/23/14 9:48 pm

Two of them. By a second hand store

2katz I live in Nebraska
10/23/14 11:03 pm

2 fabric stores and a second hand store?? Proof that heaven exists.

grizzy Kansas
10/23/14 4:51 pm

Pier 39 is fun, or was. And I highly recommend the Ghiradelli chocolate factory.

bethanyq Ess Eff
10/23/14 4:50 pm

Have you been to wine country? You should definitely go if you haven't been. And I would also check out some of the lakes while they're still here :-/

bethanyq Ess Eff
10/23/14 4:51 pm

And if you do make your way into the city, definitely visit Golden Gate Park if you haven't been there before. It's San Francisco's version of Central Park and it's amazing.

swjboucher Just Run
10/23/14 4:58 pm

Ok this is the second time I agreed with you in one year. I'm getting nervous.

bethanyq Ess Eff
10/23/14 5:16 pm

Two fingers of whisky. It'll help you forget this moment ever happened ;)

typetype level 2 pretty
10/23/14 4:47 pm

China town, also this Japanese or Chinese tea garden thing. Lombardi street. Sour dough bread. Martinis. Alcatraz. Haven't been there in like 15 years

2katz I live in Nebraska
10/23/14 7:37 pm

I mentioned the tea garden too. I loved that!

catpillow Florida West Coast
10/23/14 9:26 pm

Oh yeah, we used to go "sushi bar hopping" in Japan Center. Yum.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
10/23/14 4:39 pm

I'll be staying near Vallejo if that helps the suggestions at all.

AbandonedAccnt Not here.
10/23/14 4:32 pm

Did you tour the ww2 submarine on the wharf? Did you eat at Scomas near the wharf? Did you go to Alcatraz?

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
10/23/14 4:36 pm

Nope. Adding those to the list.

RVA Uptown, Fan District, RVA
10/23/14 4:31 pm

Napa/Sonoma if you're 21+. Also, sausalito is very nice across the bridge in Marin county. Monterrey and carmel to the south are great as well.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
10/23/14 4:36 pm

I recently celebrated the 11th anniversary of my 21st birthday, so Wine Country is definitely going on the list.

RVA Uptown, Fan District, RVA
10/23/14 4:44 pm

Nice! Happy belated bday! You'll enjoy it. It's very scenic, and even better w a nice wine buzz

fredd TrumpLand
10/23/14 4:29 pm

Cable car museum which still houses the workings of the system is pretty cool. And Chinatown is definitely worth a look.

susanr Colorado
10/24/14 3:28 pm

I lived in Chinatown for a short while. Way long ago. Right after returning from 3 months in Mexico - cultural extravaganzas!

fredd TrumpLand
10/24/14 3:42 pm

I recently heard that the majority of homes in Chinatown don't actually have toilets. Yikes!

susanr Colorado
10/24/14 3:45 pm

What? Geez...what do they use? We lived in a really cheap hotel; what used to be referred to as a wino hotel (we weren't winos); now maybe as a SRO. We had toilets, although they were in shared bathrooms. I loved shopping in the groceries, though.

fredd TrumpLand
10/24/14 3:55 pm

I didn't ask, but the obvious answer is a bucket.

Cleanliness often seems a bit hit and miss with Chinese, and I say that as someone who is half Chinese myself.