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Rotavele October 23rd, 2014 5:12pm

(Poll 2 of 2) A planet is found very close to us that has primitive humans and natural resources. Would Earth's corporations most likely respect the life there and help them develop, or bleed their planet dry of resources?

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suppressedID hope despite the times
10/23/14 4:49 pm

Wait, wait!

I saw this movie...

EarlyBird Portland
10/23/14 2:05 pm

Corporations would help knowing they would benefit in the long run with future endeavors.

Skarface69 Retired
10/23/14 1:41 pm

Humans? That would weird me out.

rons Thanks America
10/23/14 1:09 pm

Are they totally incompetent of developing any industry on their own? Are there more the 2 billion of them? Do they kill little animals for food? Do they use stone tools? Do they have bows and arrows?

Rotavele Alabama
10/23/14 7:35 pm

A Rose is a rose is a rose Rons.
We can't kill humans for not being productive. We should care for people's disabilities not hurt them. :/ otherwise everyone not able to work would be killed.

skinner Jersey City
10/23/14 12:05 pm

Corporations would help them utilize their resources and give them the benefit of jobs, technology, and western culture. It's a win for everyone. All party's benefit from free trade in a genuinely competitive market.

Nemacyst No Lives Matter
10/23/14 11:03 am

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Rotavele Alabama
10/23/14 10:14 am

Likely a version of both as we do with Africa. However, I know Exxon and The Koch Brothers would love to claim they saw Osama Bin Ladin alive there and persuade America to spread freedom to this new planet.

Rotavele Alabama
10/23/14 10:14 am

However even with Africa we managed to find a way for us to profit more than we help them. Which is smart and evil at the same time.