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MFDOOM October 23rd, 2014 4:37pm

Weed is no longer a serious crime in Philly...Good move?

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FrankG Sailor
10/23/14 11:33 am

There's bigger things to worry about than weed.

MFDOOM natural selection
10/23/14 9:41 am

even if your one of those "weed iz evil" people, you have to admit, people shouldn't serve long jail sentenced for smoking a plant.

MFDOOM natural selection
10/23/14 9:43 am

prohibition doesn't work, didn't work with alcohol and it won't work with drugs.

spain legalized drugs year ago, instead of arresting people, they got drug addicts HELP. Now their overall drug use is at an all time low.

MFDOOM natural selection
10/23/14 9:44 am

and don't come at me with that "we r americurrr, w don't copy Europe" crap. you follow good examples, no matter who does it...