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purplelolo New York
09/24/12 5:51 pm

I live in NY. we're lucky we can even afford a home things are so expensive here

09/23/12 10:04 am

favorite part of our house

tdaddy Kentucky
09/20/12 9:21 pm

Barely so. There's enough room for three chairs and a couple of plants, but not enough room for a porch swing.

like_a_bos Florida
09/20/12 9:15 pm

ive had a home with a porch just not as of now

dreamitliveit IDLH
09/20/12 5:30 am

We just bought our first house this summer. It has a front porch, but it's kinda small. We painted the front door a really pretty aqua color :)

BadBadger Georgia
09/19/12 9:31 pm

If you call a log in front of my sett a porch, then yes.

09/19/12 9:17 pm

There are homes without porches!?

09/19/12 8:40 pm

My apartment has a balcony

09/19/12 8:11 pm

A small patio and small upstairs balcony. We live in a town home.

hazel Tennessee
09/19/12 7:44 pm

wraparound deck on main level and back porch on lower level

09/19/12 7:19 pm

Live in condos with separate outside entrances with spacious front areas. Each building has three levels.
We enjoy our front area so much we enclosed our back balcony for more indoor living space.

09/19/12 6:57 pm

Why isn't Texas purple? When the state filter shows 50-50?

09/19/12 6:20 pm

I wish we had a screened porch all the way around.

09/19/12 6:09 pm

There is a porch but it's not big enough to do much on. We could probably fit a chair out there...

dbrat East Coast
09/19/12 3:02 pm

No but I have a great back deck! More private even better.

lmurder MDK
09/19/12 10:15 am

No, but a huge lush backyard.

ladyniner81 I hate people
09/19/12 9:37 am

you walk up to it..a tiny little dad has had this house since the 50's

09/19/12 8:44 am

Yes it's 30x20 screened in, with big screen tv and mini fridge for the wine and beer. Very comfy and great to sit on just about year round.

09/19/12 8:36 am

My college house has a big front porch and 2 back porches. And my moms house has a smaller front porch but a big back one

ryno Flyover Country
09/19/12 8:11 am

We have a wrap around porch and it is awesome. I love sitting out there on fall days enjoying the fresh crisp air.

09/19/12 7:36 am

We have a large but basic porch with ample seating. It's a lovely place to spend time. I have a friend who just completed their front porch remodel. Used to be basic like mine. Now it's grand, Southern style. It's beautiful.

09/19/12 7:17 am

No I live in an apt. But if I ever own a home I would love a huge wrap around porch with a swing :)

suppressedID Happy Year of Tiger
09/19/12 6:48 am

Builders don't make them anymore thinking that people don't want to go outside and hang with their neighbors.

09/19/12 6:44 am

I have a front porch that the grand daughter just loves to go to so we can watch the traffic go by,also, my garage is detached and behind the house, where it belongs. (I dislike houses where all you see in front are garage doors!)

09/19/12 6:11 am

I have a sky porch, otherwise knows as a balcony

wacokid Ohio
09/19/12 6:02 am

Like any rational college students we made certain that our house has a front porch.

blockfisher Clinton, CT
09/19/12 5:54 am

Currently no. But we just Sold our house yesterday so maybe out new house will.

blw1104 Pennsylvania
09/19/12 5:18 am

Zod, I have the same... And I don't count it either way.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
09/19/12 4:29 am

Yes. I had to have SOMEplace to sport my mad skills on the grill! I'm thinkin', however, I kind o' like what sheriboo's got goin' on in Florida!

09/19/12 3:56 am

I have a front porch, a huge covered pool lanai (porch) and an additional sitting area in the backyard, next to my comet fish pond. I love our home.

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
09/19/12 3:31 am

I haven't had a pair of Birkenstocks in tears.

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
09/19/12 3:31 am

You made me laugh common sense. "wiggle my toes in my Birkenstocks."

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
09/19/12 3:29 am

Front. Back. Side. Deck. Garage. Patio. It's nice.

09/19/12 3:27 am

Yes - many good neighborhood conversations happen upon it, pipes are smoked, bits from books are read aloud. Neighbors also have porches, so we can see and say hello to one another.

FearToFall what is this for
09/19/12 2:18 am

It's kinda small, but it still works. Probably only about half the people in our neighbourhood have one, so we're lucky, I guess.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
09/19/12 1:12 am

Our porch goes across the entire front of the house.