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asmodeus enjoying the final kalpa
10/23/14 4:27 pm

I have not, either that or my stalker is unbelievably good at hiding.

10/23/14 2:54 pm

If I have been stalked, I still don't know about it

10/23/14 2:13 pm

Not that I know of..

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
10/23/14 5:56 pm

No idea, but I've learned to guard my privacy.

10/23/14 12:46 pm

Male! Don't have to worry about that.

MissN The Experiment
10/23/14 5:11 pm

I would think it would be rare too ..but the results say different.

SticksandStones Stop fearmongering
10/23/14 11:50 am

Not unless the stalker's very good.

Spartacus AUSTIN
10/23/14 10:26 am

Yeah my ex wife was a stalker for a couple of years.

EarlyBird Portland
10/23/14 11:44 am

She's not around anymore, is she?

droo Santa Barbara
10/22/14 10:07 pm

If he/she was good enough, I wouldn't know.

MissN The Experiment
10/22/14 10:13 pm

That's what a guy I talked to about it told me; that if he was good, I wouldn't even know before it was too late. Not exactly comforting.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/22/14 9:55 pm

No, but if I ever do get stalked, I'll stalk her back.

MissN The Experiment
10/22/14 9:53 pm

In a mall bookstore, noticed a guy kept looking at me as I passed, gave him a dirty look. I kept seeing him around: in the store, outside the store, and the parking lot. Always behind me; and he'd look startled when spotted. Freaked me out like hell.

Colorado303 Future Seattle Resident
10/22/14 10:02 pm

Loudly ask him (when other people are nearby) why he's following you

MissN The Experiment
10/22/14 10:10 pm

I just bolted out there, and saw him going out of the store right after me, went inside another store, walked around. When I left that store, I spotted him behind me again, then again in the parking lot :o he was always a distance away behind me.

Zimmeress Make Me Laugh
10/23/14 3:46 pm

Honey!! I'm worried about you.

MissN The Experiment
10/23/14 5:18 pm

Why, Zimmeress? Please don't, it was a long time ago; just that one incident.