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daisyfield October 23rd, 2014 2:10am

Which is worse: burning or freezing to death?

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KatG Liberal in Ohio
10/23/14 4:09 am

Freezing would take longer and honestly, I can't even tolerate a cold can of pop placed against my neck. It's painful, so I'd go with burn.

fredd TrumpLand
10/22/14 8:43 pm

Burning I reckon would be worse. I'd prefer to be uncomfortably numb.

daisyfield Washington
10/22/14 9:56 pm

Same. However, frost bite I think would be very uncomfortable.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
10/22/14 8:12 pm

Rather a minute of agony than hours of extreme discomfort (though not pain). I was in situations where I felt cold enough to shiver violently, and those hours seemed to last forever. You think about NOTHING but c-c-coooooold!

tlcb Bluegrass State of mind
10/22/14 8:02 pm

You drift off to sleep freezing...I can only imagine how traumatic burning would be...I choose freezing.

swervin Maryland
10/22/14 7:11 pm

Burning would be over fairly quickly. It would be a long, slow death with freezing.

daisyfield Washington
10/22/14 7:12 pm

True, but I feel like it would be more painful to burn to death.

swervin Maryland
10/22/14 7:23 pm

Severe burns destroy the nerves so it only hurts for a bit. So whereas the pain would be immense, it would be over fast.

swervin Maryland
10/22/14 7:24 pm

I can see your point though. Freezing would probably be painless.

daisyfield Washington
10/22/14 9:54 pm

Ohh never thought about that. Your making me reconsider! Haha