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Riiiight October 22nd, 2014 11:29pm

Many major universities employ a "publish or perish" philosophy, meaning that professors seeking tenure must regularly publish new original research. Should universities place a higher emphasis on teaching ability when determining tenure eligibility?

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eLucidate writing
10/22/14 5:10 pm

They really want successful grant proposals. But publication is a good measure of successful research and the ability to communicate it.

Odysseus We All Need A Fantasy
10/22/14 4:47 pm

Yes but, once again, it's more about the reputation and prestige of the university than it is about the education of students. Research and published journals bring the university more prestige and more money.

Riiiight see you soon
10/22/14 4:52 pm

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bethanyq Ess Eff
10/22/14 4:34 pm

Absolutely yes. It is unacceptable how little value is placed on actual teaching ability, particularly given the highly politicized nature of academia (not meaning partisan, as most political wonks on either side of the aisle would probably break

bethanyq Ess Eff
10/22/14 4:35 pm

their brains if they approached most of their political discussions with half the nuance of academics). Getting published depends as much on fitting a given department/journal's particular needs as it does on creating actually compelling scholarship.