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FrankG October 22nd, 2014 8:20pm

Do you find it funny that we're arming the Syrian rebels that might have ties to Al-Qaeda, yet the government can't trust the citizens with guns?

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vin woof
10/24/14 12:47 pm

It's not funny. I don't appreciate having to pay to be the bad guy. I'm sure many people of the world consider the U.S. As the real terrorists.

FrankG Sailor
10/26/14 6:19 am

We keep creating enemies.

vin woof
10/27/14 6:34 am

I know. I'd like to see the troops come home and morph into an army corps of engineers complex and tighten up the counties infrastructure until we are actually attacked on our own soil.

FrankG Sailor
10/27/14 11:28 am

Sounds good to me.

EarlyBird Portland
10/22/14 3:20 pm

Yeah, not funny at all. We shouldn't even be over there. We should be focused on our economy here and closing the borders.

FrankG Sailor
10/22/14 4:17 pm

And the list goes on...

lip massholevania
10/22/14 2:37 pm

Pissed but what do you expect from leftist Kenyan communists?

FrankG Sailor
10/22/14 1:46 pm

By "funny" I meant odd. My bad.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
10/22/14 2:09 pm

I was kind of joking, Frank. But, like Bug, praying. I knew you didn't think it was a laughing matter.