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rons October 22nd, 2014 7:11pm

Does anyone know why the Arabs are attacking the Canadians?

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aeg13 South Texas
10/24/14 10:02 pm

Islamic radical terrorists are following directions to "take it to the streets" with emphasis on military & other public service, uniformed individuals. I would spoil their martyrdom by catching them in butterfly nets & locking them up for life.

jvc1133 61535
10/23/14 1:13 pm

They sent planes to reinforce air attack, which is evidently a no no, to ISIS. : (

dventola98 CMU
10/22/14 5:49 pm

I love how this is worded it kinda made me chuckle, but on a serious note they have the same feelings for them as they do for us or the British. All of us have been fighting them for years.

10/22/14 5:22 pm

Because they joined the coalition against Isis, and have been fighting in Afghanistan. Also they support Israel

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/22/14 1:55 pm

It's a very few not the Arabs, and the ones that choose that are evil

lip massholevania
10/22/14 3:17 pm

Yep, the peaceful Muslims.

Torfin Never Behind
10/22/14 1:55 pm

Because, they do not differentiate between them and us.

susanr Colorado
10/22/14 1:08 pm

Do you know that any of the people involved in the terrorist events of the last few days are Arabs?

I don't think anyone knows the identity of today's shooter(s), but the one from 2 days ago didn't look like an Arab to me.

commonsense America isnt racist
10/22/14 1:00 pm

They are helping the US bomb Isis.

think4yourself Not a safe space
10/22/14 12:31 pm

Because they are not muslims.

AbandonedAccnt Not here.
10/22/14 12:31 pm

They haven't converted yet and so they're infidels. THats fair game.

swjboucher Just Run
10/22/14 12:23 pm

It's what they do.

lip massholevania
10/22/14 12:16 pm

Upset the canooks snipers are killing so many of them?