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Show Of Hands October 22nd, 2014 4:07am

Who do you trust more to tell you the truth: the government/politicians or the press/media?

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LizzLorde Florida
10/28/14 4:27 pm

What kind of question is that??? Neither. Both are jacked up

unoekpoh Arizona
10/28/14 12:34 am

You guys do understand that media is a very broad term? Anything you turn to get the news is the media, whether it's the Internet, newspaper or tv.
There's plenty of reliable places, you just have to put in the extra effort.

10/27/14 7:16 pm

Haha! Shit or Vomit?

kjs Minnesota
10/27/14 6:07 pm

Where is the neither button?

10/27/14 5:04 am


MassAsks Boston
10/26/14 6:28 pm

Where's the neither option? lol

stefanie22 Cincinnati
10/26/14 6:14 pm

Thats a toughy, on one hand the government often lies to us to protect its self interest on the other hand there's Fox News.... Yeah we better assume they are both lying, just to be safe

10/26/14 9:10 am

This is like asking if I'd rather eat horse shit or dog shit

acwiz Michigan
10/25/14 4:33 pm

Why isn't neither an option?

rightHandman Oregon
10/25/14 7:49 am

Third option?

imthatguydave21 Michigan
10/24/14 8:12 pm

Should have put a neither option, gun to the head though, media.

XposeBarak Out There
10/24/14 7:13 pm

How dare u ask such a difficult question ....u know better than that

robclark89 Utah
10/24/14 3:31 pm

I know the government keeps things from me but the media is so messed up. There is now way I can trust it.

ssuarez0 Planet Hope
10/24/14 1:16 pm

Very carefully selected media...

10/24/14 11:49 am

I agree I don't trust either one

10/24/14 7:31 am

Where's the neither button?

10/23/14 9:13 pm

Both are fraudulent. But our media read between the lines is more trustworthy then anything coming out of the regime.

10/23/14 4:14 pm

I trust neither but the media I don't have to listen too. They don't make stupid laws that hurt the poor and help the rich

adeon777 Plano Texas
10/24/14 8:02 am

the media just defends Obama and his government. Thats why I trust none.

10/23/14 1:17 pm

This is like asking "which do you expect to wait longer to rip your throat out: a wolf or a lion?"

10/23/14 12:54 pm

Is there a third option?

otto Olean, NY
10/23/14 11:37 am

What's the difference?

sltydgx Missouri
10/23/14 1:09 am

At this point I trust neither , The media should be the publics watchdogs keeping the politicians honest. Instead they have all picked sides and try to spin what ever is going on to make sure their chosen groups looks and sounds like the good guys.

purplemonkey New York
10/22/14 9:58 pm

ummmm......foooking neither. they are all corrupt dirty bazzztards serving their own agenda and we are all doomed

10/22/14 9:26 pm

Just answering this question made me feel dirty. Politicians lie out of both side of their mouths, and the "news", lol well they are a bigger joke.

10/22/14 9:12 pm

Well, this administration has done more to control and manipulate the media than all previous administrations combined. I'd say at this point, they are one in the same.

htcbump Florida
10/22/14 8:39 pm

The two most untrustworthy groups at least with media the is choice and debate.

JamesMadison La Palma
10/22/14 8:37 pm

So nobody here trusts GAO and CBO reports? How about Congressional reports? Non of those are trustworthy?

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
10/22/14 8:30 pm

Neither. Both groups lie whenever convenient in pursuit of their dubious agendas. Pathetic, pathetic, bankrupt people.

fotoguy22 Florida
10/22/14 7:45 pm

This was a tough one. I said media. But just barely.

10/22/14 7:17 pm

Neither the media is just as corrupt as the govt.

mwaters379 Connecticut
10/22/14 6:39 pm

honestly it's neither, i only picked media because the media should beheld to a higher standard, and report only truthful, fact checked news.. but we all know it's not fair or balanced :-)

Ivyra Earth
10/22/14 6:36 pm

The right media

ButchBrewBaker Pennsyltuckey
10/22/14 3:55 pm

What choices. Neither.

thelowend imitation is flattery
10/22/14 3:52 pm

honestly slight (SLIGHT) edge to government. I'm considering all forms (local, municipal, state, etc).

only SLIGHTLY. it's like comparing what's worse: death by fire or being burned alive?

10/22/14 3:48 pm

Aren't they the same thing?

10/22/14 3:39 pm

Actually, neither. Politicians make their livings lying and they pay the media outlets to say they're not lying. I trust neither.

10/22/14 3:39 pm

Actually, neither. Politicians make their livings lying and they pay the media outlets to say they're not lying. I trust neither.

BIllBronx New Jersey shore up t or
10/22/14 3:12 pm

neither,with the exception of Fox news, they all do the bidding and propaganda eminating from the head n-----.

10/22/14 3:42 pm

Fox news will eat republican diarrhea if they're told it has antioxidants necessary for healthy human development. Fox is just as bad.

katerina13 stuck in the middle
10/22/14 2:56 pm

Are you kidding? Sadly, and I mean reeeeally sadly, neither!!

JHawk3205 MD
10/22/14 1:34 pm

The big national outlets are hard to trust because they have big backers and don't rely on ratings as much as local news, so local news tries to get the best coverage, for the best ratings, and tend to try to maintain journalistic integrity..

JHawk3205 MD
10/22/14 1:35 pm

Government mostly can't be trusted be aide there's too much special interests, dark money, and shady dealings...

10/22/14 1:28 pm

That's almost a chicken and the egg question. I guess news/media, because my local news only covers canned food drives and the town drunk who got arrested again, so there's not much reason to lie about that.

10/22/14 1:11 pm

not main stream media

theNobamist Silicon Valley
10/22/14 12:43 pm

The question is which do you believe less?

10/22/14 12:40 pm

Neither. Pick your poison.

10/22/14 12:32 pm

Neither!!! Government is all about secrets and control. The media except Fox News is all controlled and manipulated by liberals. Cnn, Msnbc, ABC, NBC, CBS, All have a agenda to protect the government and their messiah obama.

htcbump Florida
10/22/14 8:44 pm

Hell, Comcast owns NBC, CNN, time warner, MSNBC and ATT wireless and others. Gee, I wonder who gave them license to monopolize!