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Colorado303 October 22nd, 2014 12:10am

Have you ever been to the Buffalo, New York metro area? (Metro population is 1,135,509)

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ElizabethL BOS . NC
10/22/14 3:02 am

Stopped there passing through to the Canada side of Niagara Falls

catpillow Florida West Coast
10/21/14 10:01 pm

Got me. I haven't been there.

Br@ndon Your Soul
10/21/14 8:53 pm

Nope, despite being born in ny state.

Fox semirural
10/21/14 8:09 pm

I was born there, but was relocated at the age of six months when my father's work took him to another state.

Jay716 Buffalo NY
10/21/14 7:23 pm

Born and raised. The city is making a comeback! Come visit!

shamoo Utah
10/22/14 10:05 am

My wife's family just moved there. Looking forward to visit this thanksgiving.

10/21/14 6:57 pm

Passed through several times, on the way to Niagara Falls. Once, I think we had to stop there, to have our car serviced.

10/21/14 7:03 pm

Looking at your link below, I see that Niagara Falls, New York is considered to be a part of the Buffalo metro area. So, I guess I've been to the Buffalo metro area, several times, by that definition.

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
10/21/14 6:04 pm

Been to the Anchor Bar - inventor of the Buffalo wing

Emily33 North Carolina
10/21/14 6:03 pm

Numerous times.

Colorado303 Future Seattle Resident
10/21/14 5:11 pm

This is #50 of the series. I don't know how much farther I want to go

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
10/21/14 5:25 pm

You can't stop now

Colorado303 Future Seattle Resident
10/21/14 6:15 pm

I've done Washington DC, Virginia Beach, and Richmond

Colorado303 Future Seattle Resident
10/21/14 6:20 pm

Virginia Beach was #37 and Richmond was #44

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
10/21/14 6:22 pm

How do you remember those numbers haha.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
10/21/14 6:28 pm

well...only 331 left.

TexasLonghorn Austin, Texas
10/21/14 6:33 pm

Nope. You're definitely not stopping.

10/21/14 7:09 pm

If you're getting tired of this series, how about a series of "landmark" destinations? "Have you ever been to ..." the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone National Park, Mammoth Caves, etc.

Colorado303 Future Seattle Resident
10/21/14 8:09 pm

I'll be sure to get El Paso, Longhorn. I was thinking of going until at least 75, MAYBE 100

Grandma: I think my next series will be 1 national park from each state. I'll do the same ones that the new quarter series is doing

chickencookie disgusted
10/22/14 8:19 am

That's an excellent idea Grandma.