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peacechik October 21st, 2014 10:46pm

On Twitter I've seen several people complain that Ebola can be joked about but diseases like cancer and the like are off limits. Do you think 'harmless' jokes about Ebola are okay (for whatever reason)?

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2katz I live in Nebraska
10/21/14 7:16 pm

There's just gonna be Ebola jokes whether some people like it or not. Maybe try to find something that's really worth being mad about.

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
10/21/14 6:05 pm

Nothing is off-limits. This is America!!!

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
10/21/14 6:06 pm

But some things just aren't funny

arctostaphylos Ankh Morpork, New York
10/21/14 5:48 pm

I don't think I (or anybody I've ever seen perform comedy) got the cancer memo.

Riiiight see you soon
10/21/14 4:35 pm

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mikeey1962 on SOH where else
10/21/14 4:19 pm

Anything and everything can be joked about, sometimes you need to relieve the tension of a situation, yes there can be a bad time to tell one, but it can be used for good!

bethanyq Ess Eff
10/21/14 4:17 pm

Not sure I follow the distinction. Whether or not it's cool to joke about something has less to do with entire topics being off limits and more to do with whether the comedy is done well or not. Some topics are much more difficult than others to do

bethanyq Ess Eff
10/21/14 4:18 pm

well, which leads some to say you shouldn't joke "about" the topic in question. I think usually the real problem is that so many who think themselves comedians joke about it unskillfully. I don't know whether I think cancer is a more difficult topic

rbrown Kansas
10/21/14 4:05 pm

Only for the terminally insensitive. Would it be funny if it were in their city? In their family?

susanr Colorado
10/21/14 3:54 pm

If other people choose to think it's funny, that's their business.

I don't.