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SkookumRoyce October 21st, 2014 10:33pm

Most of you voted that corruption is a major issue in the US. How do you suppose we combat government corruption? Discuss.

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skinner Jersey City
10/21/14 6:31 pm

Limiting government power, enforcing checks and balances, proscribing items like insider trading, creating more regulations on lobbying.

SkookumRoyce The Great Northwest
10/21/14 10:49 pm

All of which would be good things! I especially agree with regulations on lobbying. I've heard that nearly half of our congressmen become lobbyists after leaving office!

Wino I need a drink
10/21/14 4:18 pm

Arananthi just posted this on how Tallahassee, FL has started this locally.

SkookumRoyce The Great Northwest
10/21/14 10:56 pm

I like what I hear! Sounds just like the type of reforms I would like to see implemented.