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ladyniner81 I hate people
10/23/14 9:55 am

Hunger. if I'm seriously hungry and someone takes my chocolate, I will beat them senseless. but that's during PMS. lol

TigerShark47 Missouri
10/21/14 9:16 pm

Have you ever heard of Maslow's hierarchy of needs? Your basic needs (food, water, shelter) have to be mostly met before you can strive for higher needs (love, sex, acceptance, sense of self).

Arananthi Literal Ninja
10/21/14 7:33 pm

Never seen someone get so lusty they ate one of their own limbs.

swervin Maryland
10/21/14 9:40 pm

Eating your own limb seems a terrible way to cure hunger. Won't you most likely bleed to death before you were able to eat it, and even if not, your body would expend a ton of energy trying to heal up the wound.

10/21/14 6:23 pm

Hunger. In the movie alive (true story based on the 1972 plane crash in the Andes), they ate the dead to stay alive. I'm guessing, in the event they all survived the initial crash, the weak pretty girls would have been eaten first.

GlockMan1 Alabama
10/21/14 4:55 pm

Which does Hollywood, TV and the music industry appeal to?

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
10/21/14 4:33 pm

Well, you can't live w/o food, so anyone who answered lust should try fasting for a few weeks. Their answer will probably change before the time is up.

jvc1133 61535
10/21/14 3:05 pm

Until last year it was lust.

EnderWiggin So disillusioned...
10/21/14 3:04 pm

Depends on the person.

In terms of Maslow, Lust is just another name for Hunger; higher up in the Hierarchy.