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Mattwall1 October 21st, 2014 9:48pm

If the Founders who were elected president tried to be elected today, they wouldn't get anywhere: Washington had bad teeth and no college degree, Adams too fat, Jefferson too intelligent, quirky, and religiously problematic, Madison too short, etc.

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darthharvey Colorado
10/22/14 8:41 am

Don't forget that Lincoln was horrendously ugly, awkward, and had a poor speaking voice. He's not a Founding Father, but the media has a lot to do with who runs for office today.

10/22/14 9:37 am

I know. Imagine how many great statesmen and women we lose because of petty things like looks

10/22/14 5:27 am

How superficial and judgemental

Skarface69 Retired
10/21/14 8:40 pm

They also owned slaves and stuff. That might lose them a couple of votes.

10/22/14 12:26 am

For this sort of postulate you do have to assume they don't have slaves...

smartfart Florida
10/21/14 6:33 pm

I'm just picturing the swift-boating by the talking heads on whichever one & how much he contributed to the founding documents, if he had any bad ideas that had to be left out, they were all drunks, if they owned slaves, etc.

10/21/14 5:50 pm

In context when most people had bad teeth and no internet to compare themselves to, maybe they were good lookin sons of bitches

10/21/14 5:47 pm

Also because they wrote the constitution.

RINOTom Peoria, IL
10/21/14 5:03 pm

Meh. Is that a function of voters changing their priorities or simply MUCH more information being available to the voting public now a days?

10/21/14 5:43 pm

I was thinking more if the first part, and there are people that change votes over stupid things like looks or weight or even what languages they speak.

bMyComrade Beantown
10/21/14 5:02 pm

My AP girls and I had this conversation yesterday, centered on Madison. He had far more issues than his height, and he wouldn't stand a chance today, but he had a brilliant political mind.

10/21/14 5:43 pm

Ladies and gentleman-why America is screwed! And why it's clear there's at least one good teacher left

handshown The Midwest West Coast
10/21/14 4:57 pm

The standards for intellect and experience have been usurped by teleprompter reading ability and raising funds.

jvc1133 61535
10/21/14 4:47 pm

You're implying that the men of that stature would not be aware of today's standards.: (

10/21/14 5:01 pm

No they'd probably be aware of them, and disgusted by it

msa116 Pennsylvania
10/21/14 4:21 pm

They would leave this country and start over long before the tried to run this mess.

EnderWiggin So disillusioned...
10/21/14 3:19 pm

...and they dress funny.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/21/14 2:53 pm

The media's talking heads are full of of those kinds of negative observations about almost every candidate who comes along, but in real life our standards are not that high. And over here, behind the smoke and mirrors, I present GW. Twice!

Axl752 NY
10/21/14 2:49 pm

Agree. Anyone who thinks outside the box today doesn't stand a chance.

10/21/14 2:59 pm

I mean, Thomas Jefferson knew French, Greek, Italian, Spanish, and Latin! He'd be crucified by the media as a communist foreigner loving French wuss with a fascination for Caesar that was also a heathen. Adams would be labeled a French cheese eating

10/21/14 3:01 pm

Fat surrender monkey, Monroe would face issues for knowing French, and loving to other presidents, van Buren would probably be asked for his birth certificate since he grew up speaking Dutch, Garfield would be labeled a witch, TR and FDR would be

10/21/14 3:02 pm

Labeled Franco-German sympathizers and FDR would be criticized for being in a wheel chair, Hoover would be a Chicom, Lincoln seen as too ugly, etc