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Sandshrew October 21st, 2014 6:27pm

Superhero Tuesday: Aquaman or The Falcon? (not witch one would win but witch one you like more)

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krestep USMC VFW
10/21/14 2:04 pm

Tough one. Both are pretty weak, but without his jet pack, Falcon is just a man.
Are you caught up on Arrow?

Sandshrew Centennial
10/21/14 6:38 pm

Yeah I really like it alone with the flash, I think Aquaman is under rated, hes super strong has a magic/ technological weapon and control krackin

krestep USMC VFW
10/22/14 2:41 am

I'm still on season two, but loving it so far. Can't wait to start watching Flash.
Aquaman has a bad reputation, but honestly if DC would put more effort into building him up, he could have a much stronger fan base.

Sandshrew Centennial
10/23/14 8:03 am

they have a little bit like in the Justice League cartoon, and flashpoint paradox