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redsox95 October 21st, 2014 6:06pm

"Promoting gun control is a losing issue, just like preventing gay marriage is"

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rainbowlove St.louis MO
10/21/14 11:13 pm

"a losing issue." well I don't consider gay marriage an issue... but if you consider it an issue, yes I'd say you were definitely losing.

suppressedID anti Gilead
10/21/14 11:10 am

"That's a big windmill."
- Don Quixote

suppressedID anti Gilead
10/21/14 11:16 am

Really? You should try reading some classics. Get a little foundation.

redsox95 New England
10/21/14 11:21 am

I'm well aware of the novel thanks. That doesn't answer the question of how it is significant to gun control or gay marriage.