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jonfrei the boonies
10/21/14 8:19 pm

I carry a Glock (21SF), but I don't own any. They work, and work well, but I have always found they give the impression of being "clunky". Would I buy one if that was the only thing available? Gladly! But there are many others I would buy first...

lip massholevania
10/21/14 2:27 pm

I have one, however my edc is a 9mm s&w shield at work, 1911 otherwise, a beat up norinco.

Nemacyst No Lives Matter
10/21/14 1:31 pm

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rickvee Living the dream
10/21/14 11:21 am

I carry either a Glock 21 or Glock 30, both are .45ACP

jvc1133 61535
10/21/14 11:20 am

For my use any reliable hand gun will work.

imanag My heaven on Earth
10/21/14 10:16 am

I like my Smith & Wesson.

think4yourself Not a safe space
10/21/14 10:07 am

Glocks. I have shot many handguns but I enjoy the Glock the most.