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Rotavele October 21st, 2014 4:07pm

Has your card ever been declined for any reason?

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arielb SoCal, so Cal
10/23/14 7:03 am

We got caught by the Target breach.

knetzere Illinois
10/22/14 8:18 am

One time we took a random trip the bank thought it might of been stolen

Arananthi Literal Ninja
10/21/14 12:16 pm

I'm a freelancer. There are times when I go out in the morning assuming a client will pay me on time, and then they don't, and I have to come back later. It sucks, but it's a fact of life.

susanr Colorado
10/21/14 10:04 am

No, fortunately. I don't use a debit card for purchases, & my credit cards have a much more ample limit than I ever use. None of them has ever run into a random glitch or identity theft issue, either (not when I was purchasing anything, at least).

EnderWiggin So disillusioned...
10/21/14 9:54 am

Just the other day. We do buy at Home Depot and apparently were affected.

Rotavele Alabama
10/21/14 12:10 pm

Oh no! I hope everything works out ok!

EnderWiggin So disillusioned...
10/21/14 12:19 pm

It is. Got new cards already. Didn't realize getting the notice in the mail meant the cards were already cancelled.

10/21/14 9:48 am

Pro-tip: If you are going through a divorce with a vengeful spouse, hide your debit and credit cards!

jvc1133 61535
10/21/14 9:44 am

Yea, a couple of times when I haven't called in to verify it cause I'm a slow learner. : (

Colorado303 Future Seattle Resident
10/21/14 9:23 am

My debit card twice. The first time, I thought I had deposited money, but didn't. Luckily I had cash. The second time, I had just gotten a new one and I changed from the default pin # then they told me I typed in the wrong # too many times and

Colorado303 Future Seattle Resident
10/21/14 9:26 am

It wouldn't let me use it until I went back to the bank for them to fix it. I had to get a target debit card because I needed the calculator (it was the last one) and it was on sale